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  1. One thing I learnt over time. You don't need to rush in this hobby. There's no rush to fill a tank. I'd prefer to wait until I can visit a store and see the fish in person for myself before buying. I find I save money doing this, even though I buy good quality, expensive fish. Better than buying some fish, regretting the purchase due to lower quality, and then buying good quality when you finally have the time.
  2. The cichlid or native? I would try Down Stream Aquatics at Annerley Junction in Brisbane. The owner, Steve Baines is the president of ANGFA (or was last I heard) and is very big in to Australian Rainbows and the store always has several to a dozen tanks of various native Rainbows, as well as many other small natives.
  3. Probably hybridised L's. They're already about. But the potential to create various L's along the same colour and patterns as discus may be a possibility. Or Australian Rainbow fish. Doesn't seem to matter what animals humans keep, the desire to create new and weird or wonderful looking hybrids exists.
  4. I'd hate to see my bank balance if we in Australia had access to Amazonian frogs. I love the Vivarium & Terrarium FB page. If I was considering a tank like the one you have pictured, I'd be talking to Steve Baines.
  5. Depends what fish you are after. I either look for specialist breeders that ship or specialist LFS. There are many specialist FB groups for different types of fish. And many specialist breeders have their own FB pages as well. Quite a few specialist breeders also sell on here, so it is possibly worth your while to make a post about what fish you want. However, if buying online from a website such as Live Fish, factor in shipping costs, and you may find it's just as cheap to buy from a LFS.
  6. I'm not a fan of over crowding, but it sure cuts down on the agro.
  7. Always good to deworm your discus. It should be a one off treatment. Quarantine new fish and treat in quarantine, otherwise every time you add a new fish you have to deworm the whole tank. Praziquantel, Blue Plante Fluke & Tapewormer is a good treatment. With discus, if they are young discus and you are doing daily water changes, I would be doing much larger water changes than just 20%.
  8. Not sure this LFS buys from AI. Think they may be an independent importer. Certainly most of those fish are not on AI's current stock list.
  9. I have a few LFS on my FB feed, this list is from a Melbourne LFS. If you are in to SA dwarf cichlids, the bottom of the list is particularly interesting. Well, so are many of the Apistogramma species listed. Cacatuidoes super red Cacatuidoes Orange FlashCacatuidoes Gold Form Agassizi double red Agassizi alenque Agassizi tefe Agassizi tefe red back Agassizi tefe pearl blue Agassizi Gold “Fire Red” German line Agassizi Fire Gold Indonesia line Agassizi santarem Borelli yellow blue Borelli Opal Trifasciata matto grosso Rio Mamore ( Erythrura) nijsseni Panduro Baenchi (Inka 50) gibbicep Mendenzi Bitaeniata Bitaeniata Red Back Bitaeniata Tefe Bitaeniata Careiro Barbarossa Viejita Super Red Viejita GoldForm Breitbinden Hongsloi III Hoignei Diplotaenia Maulbruter Wilhelmi (Abacaxis) Elizebethae Rio Uaepes Taeniacara Candidi Ivanacara Adoketa Bioitoecus Opercularis Dicrossus Maculata
  10. Genuinely innocent question. Are there wholesalers that sell directly to the public?
  11. My discus love Ocean Nutrition frozen foods. My preferred brands are Ocean Nutrition and Tropical. And Australian Blackworms. Ocean Nutrition make a Very High Protein frozen food called VHP Formula. I dice up the cubes to feed my discus. I also highly recommend freeze dried Australian Blackworms. Tropical make a lot of discus foods. I feed my discus several of their foods, but two I would definitely recommend are the Spirulina Flakes and a new soft pellet they make. http://livingreefaquariums.com.au/discusproducts/discus-food-en-3/tropical-soft-line-america-size-s/ http://livingreefaquariums.com.au/discusproducts/discus-food-en-3/super-spirulina-forte-flakes-250ml-50gm-our-discus-love-this-food/
  12. Never fails to surprise me when you dig old threads.
  13. Can't beat Smiths Aquarium for live stock. Unless you're in to a niche, in which case you're best hunting around for like minded breeders. Discus = Living Reef Aquarium down the Goldie. For equipment and food, The Tech Den or Age of Aquariums.
  14. Thanks @Heintz.G already going. Have been spruiking the meeting on a couple of local discus pages. Might be a few turn up.
  15. Brisbane tap water is crap. And it can vary from suburb to suburb. I filter my tap water through a standard two stage under the sink filter, and you should see how much crud is trapped in the 1 micron cartridge after 1 month. His views on water quality are shared by others in the hobby/trade/ichthyology. Dr Anton Lamboj gave a presentation on West African dwarf cichlids and Malaysian bettas last year at a QCG meeting and he discussed water quality in the wild versus in our tanks, and mentioned bacterial counts, etc.
  16. lol I used to put it on while I was doing water changes, and just listen to the video. I can get past the voice and just listen to information. You don't have to agree with everything he says, but for a noob to discus, most of what he says is spot on. Especially when he talks about what to look for when buying discus, water conditions for discus, quarantine and worming discus, and treating illnesses and injuries and medicating discus.
  17. Another vote for Living Reef Aquarium. Seriously, watch this video.
  18. First up, 30 litres is way to small, even for 4 small goldfish, because they'll out grow 30 litres. 100% water changes are safe if the water is aged and treated before hand. But you will have to do water changes more often than once a week.
  19. I don't think they have GG bug. These look like young GG (and other exotics) that have imported via non traditional methods, and are now being sold on FB in closed group.
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