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  1. Snakeheads are a noxious species and cop a fine of around $230,000. Not best to ask about such stuff on a public forum.
  2. You should come over and watch some of my discus some time. They're angry, agro fish at times.
  3. I hate to be "that guy". But Heros Severum is not a valid species name. Heros is the Genus name, but Severum is the common name that has been mistakenly adopted for Heros efasciatus. With some of the other cichlids you have included the Genus and Species names, followed by their common name. If you were to keep with the theme, I believe the following would be more accurate. Heros efasciatus, Green Severum Heros efasciatus, Gold Severum (aquarium strain)
  4. This is a very good video. It covers all the basics, and provides a lot of informational that will help you avoid potential problems. It is long by todays standards, at a little over an hour, but really covers everything.
  5. Generally speaking you get what you pay for. I want peace of mind and quality in my tanks. Gary Maher and Dennison have top notch reputations in the Brisbane tank building community.
  6. Really depends on stocking levels, amount of waste produced, type of fish (calm water or fast water fish) etc. I used to run two Eheim 2228 canister filters and a in hood trickle filter on a 6x2x2.5.
  7. I heat a 1000 litre IBC to 26 degrees and water change from that. Mind you, my tanks sit at 30 degrees (discus) so there's still a little drop, but nothing that's going to upset them.
  8. I believe it is possible. In certain cases. There are many line bred "species" (I use the term loosely). Some times deformities occur with excessive line breeding, and if there is enough quality genetic diversity available deformities should be able to be bred out. If there is a lack of genetic diversity and deformities are a result of genetics, then I don't believe it will be able to be bred out. Sourcing different genetic lines is the key.
  9. White spot usually occurs on fish when stressed and the temperature drops lower than they like. Cloudy eye is often a bacterial eye infection. Pop eye is something very different. How often are you cleaning out the sump? Best thing you can have is a filter sock on the pipe that runs from the tank in to sump and clean or replace it every day. You might be doing regular water changes, but the waste is still building up in the sump. The main thing with doing large water changes for discus, with fresh clean water, is to lower the bacteria count in the water. Removing built up waste daily will remove food for bacteria. You can teat cloudy eye with Myxazin from Waterlife. But large daily water changes and waste removal should see it clear up just as quick.
  10. I had a very interesting discussion one night with Steve Baines in regards to white crane. To summarise Steve's main points. It doesn't contain anything untoward, it's just a mix of naturally found colour enhancers, just in one small package. I bit like vitamin tablets that have a bucket load of vitamins in one little tablet. It really works best with fish that have long intestines, namely herbivore and omnivore species. Doesn't work as well with carnivorous fish that have shorter intestines.
  11. There is a dedicated Marine LFS in Wynnum North. I ride past it very often, but never been inside. You could google to find the name and address.
  12. You could try phoning Down Stream Aquatics. Generally they aren't cheap. May not be available on importer lists any more, but I'm not some one in the know.
  13. I thought I heard that Coburg was closing it's doors.
  14. Buying fish is not so bad. I just ask for them to be doubled bagged with oxygen and carry them in a back pack on public transport. Or ask for a foam box with a lid. Larger purchases I usually ask a family member for a ride and pay petrol money, and shout lunch if it's a long trip. Tanks and stuff I usually get delivered.
  15. Nah. Just a random photo. I did look but couldn't find a pic of the 177.
  16. Daily commute. Weekend ride. Inclement weather ride.
  17. I've always wondered what makes people trawl back through two years of posts and comment on old, old threads.
  18. The "natural" ways don't really work. The problem is not so much a high pH, it's the disolved solids content. And the only way to change it, is to dilute the high disolved content with "pure" water which contains no disolved minerals etc. Then you can lower the pH with natural methods.
  19. Hey Ray. Unfortunately the youtube links don't work. Pretty sure it's a forum issue and not broken links on your end.
  20. Very, very rarely will I buy live stock not seen in person. At the bare minimum I need to see a good, lengthy quality video. Even in videos and photos you can't see everything. Most times I have bought live stock from videos and online retailers I have felt let down.
  21. There's a big caveat in regards to aggression amongst discus. It's very much gender specific. Males fight with males, especially if there are females in the tank as well. Females will bicker with each other as well, but not on the same levels as males. An unattached female will try and steal a paired male, and this can result in a little more agro from the paired female chasing off the interloper. People say six minimum, but depending on gender ratios, you can still run in to dramas.
  22. I hate to say it, but I believe the over all standard of LFS has declined remarkably, apart from Smiths.
  23. What is your goal? Display or breeding. If breeding, I would honestly want to buy a proven pair. If you search Living Reef Aquarium down the coast, you will see they have some young pairs for sale on their site. There is a Red Blood Checkerboard pair for sale for $425 at the moment.
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