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    pk333 got a reaction from johnbetta in Betta and angelfish? Advice needed   
    Thanks mate. Just a hobbyist with a little experience. There are far more experienced betta hobbyists here than me. And there are far more experienced hobbyists in general here. They chose not comment for what ever reasons.
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    pk333 got a reaction from johnbetta in Betta and angelfish? Advice needed   
    As I said in the other post, just make sure you have some plants with broad leaves near the surface. Bettas are traditionally found in shallower water, so floating or tall plants provide some where close to the surface for bettas to rest.
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    pk333 got a reaction from johnbetta in Betta and angelfish? Advice needed   
    I have no problems with a betta being in such a set up. Just make sure you have a few floating plants for the betta to rest amongst. And I wouldn't worry about looking for a peaceful betta. Betta's only tend to be aggressive towards other bettas, gouramis and paradise fish, and sometimes fancy guppies with big fins.
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    pk333 got a reaction from johnbetta in Import Bettas   
    How betas are kept as pets by many people is a form of animal cruelty, never mind how they are kept in many LFS.
    I really dislike the Bayfish betta barracks now seen in a few LFS. Way too small for a Betta.

    There are some good videos on youtube of bettas in the wild.
    Catching wild splendens in a grass swamp.

    Catching betta mahachaiensis from the wild

    Betta macrostoma in its natural habitat

    Betta prima habitat

    My bettas live in anything from 20 litres to 60 litres.
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    pk333 got a reaction from johnbetta in peat moss ?   
    G'day wallygerm,
    Both peat moss and IAL are good for helping to acidify water and lower PH, but they will only do half the job if you are not diluting the dissolved solids that are present in Brisbane tap water. The dissolved minerals in Brisbane tap water are what cause the high PH and buffering capacity of the water. If you do not add rain water or RO water to your tanks, you will have a bounce back effect.
    Moss or IAL will temporarily lower the PH a small amount, but then the PH will bounce back up. You need to dilute the dissolved minerals with water that does contain any minerals, or only in lower concentrations.
    Here are some good articles to read.
    Practical Water Chemistry
    GH, KH, and pH for the Advanced Hobbyist
    Softening Aquarium Water
    A lot of us soft water fish keepers use rain water mixed with tap water in conjunction with Sphagnum moss or IAL. At the momment I am mixxing 2/3rds rain water to 1/3rd tap water. Brisbane water currently has a high PH around 8ph.
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    pk333 got a reaction from johnbetta in balloon/jellybean variants   
    Strongly disagree with the above statement.
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    pk333 got a reaction from johnbetta in Oscar Tank 3ft or 4ft   
    One good piece of advice I have read a lot is be careful about planning to upgrade down the track. Life often gets in the way of even the best laid plans, and what you had hoped to do just isn't possible for one reason or another.
    Oscars are pretty stock standard cichlids, they aren't going to disappear from the hobby any time soon. Buy what ever size tank you can afford and is suitable for your apartment, and stock with a suitable size wet pet. When you do move, and have the room to go bigger, buy the larger tank and Oscar then.
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    pk333 got a reaction from johnbetta in Oscar Tank 3ft or 4ft   
    These types of posts can be very tricky because you're asking for peoples opinions, and some members may give you an opinion, you (and other forum members) may not like or agree with. I have seen (and been involved in) such discussion that descend in to vicious arguments.
    For myself, I believe it's cruel to keep an adult Oscar in anything less than a 6 foot tank. Not all sites and species profiles recommend such small tanks, as you're asking about, for Oscars.
    Oscar | Astronotus ocellatus
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    pk333 got a reaction from johnbetta in Red Severum < Gold Severum   
    This what a red severum looks like.

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    pk333 got a reaction from chickadee in Hikari food. Why?   
    If you ever talk to Steve Baines from Down Stream Aquatics, Sera is his number one brand, followed by Tetra, with NLS and Hikari a long way behind.
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    pk333 got a reaction from ageofaquariums in Time to get back into it.   
    I'd hate to see my bank balance if we in Australia had access to Amazonian frogs.  I love the Vivarium & Terrarium FB page.  

    If I was considering a tank like the one you have pictured, I'd be talking to Steve Baines. 
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    pk333 got a reaction from professor_rob in Ordering fish online   
    One thing I learnt over time.  You don't need to rush in this hobby.  

    There's no rush to fill a tank.  I'd prefer to wait until I can visit a store and see the fish in person for myself before buying.   I find I save money doing this, even though I buy good quality, expensive fish.  Better than buying some fish, regretting the purchase due to lower quality, and then buying good quality when you finally have the time.


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    pk333 reacted to Rod in Current Hybrid Status   
    Lots of hybrids that aren't seen as such
    fancy angels, fancy Discus, Bettas
    Guppies, swordtails, Endlers
    Problem isn't hybrids....sold as hybrids
    It's hybrids being sold as pure
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    pk333 reacted to ageofaquariums in Time to get back into it.   
    I look at that....  and I dream of frogs
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    pk333 got a reaction from johnbetta in WoW giant fighting fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
    Thanks DFF. Obviously I thought it indicated the country of origin as many fighting fish are bred outside of Thailand these days.
    Learn something new every day.
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    pk333 got a reaction from johnbetta in WoW giant fighting fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
    BEAKER are you 100% sure the fish pictured came through BayFish?
    edit: well I'm guessing you know the fish you sold to Fishchicks came from Bay.
    I know JL imports a lot of Fighters and Fancy guppies herself, rather than use wholesale importers such as AI or BayFish. As for the name used to describe the fish, what is fancy about it? The name simply describes where the fish came from (Cambodia), it's colour, and it's form; Giant (well it's a giant), Halfmoon (this describes the tail fin shape - halfmoon, as opposed to a crown tail or veil tail etc) and Plakat (term used to describe the short fin Siamese fighting fish developed from wild Bettas).
    JL will often use far more descriptive names to describe many of her Bettas. This is so JL (and people buying through the youtube site) can differentiate between two bettas of the same type. For example JL may have two blue Super Delta Veiltail long fin bettas for sale, one may be listed as a Cornflower Blue S.D.V. betta for sale while the other is listed as a Saphire blue S.D.V. for sale. Simple descriptive names. When you click on the youtube link, JL's commentary will tell you it's a Blue Super Delta Veiltail long fin betta. After looking at both youtube videos you may decide you like and want to buy the betta listed as Cornflower blue, so you phone or email the store, ask it to be put on hold while you transfer the funds in to Fishchicks account. It's much easier for the shop assistant that answers your phone call to put a On Hold sticker on the tank with the name of Cornflower blue S.D.V. than it is for the shop assistant to walk out to the bettas look at two blue S.D.V.'s and randomly decide the one on the left is your fish.
    As for the Giant PK you sold to JL, if you agreed to a price of $20, what concern is it of yours that it sold for a much higher price? Do you really think Fishchicks is the only store that does this.
    I currently have for sale in the trader section, some Pelvicachromis Taeniatus "Dehane" for $30 a pair. I have quite a lot. One of QLDAF forum sponsors is currently selling some of the different types of Taeniatus for between $70 and $90 a pair (well I hope it's a pair, but it could just as easily be per fish. I didn't take a proper look at the price. Come to think of it, this store doesn't normally sell fish as pairs). Anyway, I had a talk to BayFish about Bay possibly buying the Dehane. I was offered $2 per fish, couldn't go higher. Thanks, but no thanks Bay. So how does my $2 fish, $4 a pair, become a $90 a pair fish in the LFS?
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    pk333 got a reaction from Doug_AFK in Discus not eating/hiding   
    Discus aren't as delicate as people make out.  
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    pk333 got a reaction from blindfreddy in Discus not eating/hiding   
    Discus aren't as delicate as people make out.  
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    pk333 got a reaction from Cam07 in Discus not eating/hiding   
    Discus aren't as delicate as people make out.  
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    pk333 reacted to raycam01_au in My dream tank has finally arrived! 8x3x2   
    @johnbetta   here you go mate, the latest 5x2x2 sumping etc, lets get this old thread some life again @Nazegoreng
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    pk333 got a reaction from johnbetta in My dream tank has finally arrived! 8x3x2   
    Bro, look at the date!
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    pk333 reacted to s1l3nt in Not a Pet Barn stock list.   
    Assuming I know hte LFS mentioned above (its the only one with that many species of apistos), then from my chat with the owner when i purchased a fair bit of stock form him he told me they are coming from his farm in Malaysia from memory? Or something along those lines at least. They breed them there apparently. 
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    pk333 reacted to l2h in Not a Pet Barn stock list.   
    Guessing mainly because AI bring in Appistos 
    Melb water is soft so with less stress there are less losses
    the worst thing with the high end Appisto like elizehethae
    is the ability to handle moves into higher water parameters
    there are some mouth water species at the bottom of the list if you like
    low pH fish
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    pk333 got a reaction from l2h in Not a Pet Barn stock list.   
    I have a few LFS on my FB feed, this list is from a Melbourne LFS.  

    If you are in to SA dwarf cichlids, the bottom of the list is particularly interesting.  Well, so are many of the Apistogramma species listed. 

    Cacatuidoes super red 
    Cacatuidoes Orange Flash
    Cacatuidoes Gold Form
    Agassizi double red 
    Agassizi alenque 
    Agassizi tefe 
    Agassizi tefe red back 
    Agassizi tefe pearl blue 
    Agassizi Gold “Fire Red” German line
    Agassizi Fire Gold Indonesia line
    Agassizi santarem 
    Borelli yellow blue 
    Borelli Opal
    Trifasciata matto grosso
    Rio Mamore ( Erythrura)
    Baenchi (Inka 50)
    Bitaeniata Red Back 
    Bitaeniata Tefe 
    Bitaeniata Careiro
    Viejita Super Red
    Viejita GoldForm
    Hongsloi III
    Wilhelmi (Abacaxis)
    Elizebethae Rio Uaepes
    Taeniacara Candidi
    Ivanacara Adoketa
    Bioitoecus Opercularis
    Dicrossus Maculata
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    pk333 got a reaction from Kendo in Dry food for discus   
    My discus love Ocean Nutrition frozen foods.

    My preferred brands are Ocean Nutrition and Tropical.  And Australian Blackworms.

    Ocean Nutrition make a Very High Protein frozen food called VHP Formula.  I dice up the cubes to feed my discus.  

    I also highly recommend freeze dried Australian Blackworms.  

    Tropical make a lot of discus foods.  I feed my discus several of their foods, but two I would definitely recommend are the Spirulina Flakes and a new soft pellet they make.


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