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  2. Will be using it for Electric Yellows, Mainganos and Cobalt Blues etc. Will keep the salt away from Catfish and Loaches.
  3. As per title I'd like to know if it's OK to add Marine Salt to a Freshwater Tank? I'm looking at using it in a quarantine tank to ensure all new fish I get are 100% before I add them to my main tanks. The Marine Salt I have in mind is RedCoral Marine Salt. Also what would a good dosage rate be for quarantine purposes? Thanks
  4. Thanks heaps for that. Looks like the Tropheus are good then. I'm looking at getting 20-25 for a start. Is this OK? I will be feeding both the Yellows and the Duboisi nothing but the 1mm NLS Thera A.
  5. I have 30 Electric Yellows at the moment, 3-4cm. I will remove a few Males when I can tell Male from Female. What do you guy's reckon about adding some Tropheus Duboisi? @3-4cm. Just having Electric Yellows with the Duboisi in a 6x2x2. I hope I have the space and filtration to keep them. The seller that has the Duboisi say's it should be OK, but I'd like a few more opinions. Is this going to be an OK combination? What number of Duboisi would be good to start with. As with the Yellows I'll remove a few Males when I can tell Males and Females. Keeping in mind I've never kept Tropheus.
  6. OK thanks for all the info so far guy's. Please keep it coming. I already have the Yellows. I haven't got the Maingano's yet. Bearing in mind what I already have what would you guy's stock instead of the Maingano's?
  7. Yeah I'm looking at getting a few more in there. The Yellows and Maingano's are all 4cm each at the moment so i'll sell a few males of as they mature. What else would you recommend?
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm posting my intended stocking for my 6x2x2. It's a Malawi Display tank. 72x24x24 inches 650 Litres (180 Gallons) 2x FX5's 3x Sponge Filters (In case I need a quarantine/hospital tank) 1X 300W Jager Plenty of Texas Holey Rock/Limestone. Intended Stocking list: 40x Electric Yellows 7x Mdoka White Lips 25x Mainganos 3-4 Bristlenose for clean up. Anything else I shouldn't or could stock? Is my filtration enough for my intended stock? I'm going to be doing a 35% water change weekly, every Sunday. Thanks.....
  9. If you got another tank would you go 2.5' deep again?
  10. I'm going to be setting another display tank up, will be a Malawi tank. Going to be stocking White Lip Mdoka's and Electric Yellows. I'm limited to 4ft in length with the space I've got to work with. But I can't seem to decide what the height and width should be. I can't decide between: LxWxH 4'x2'x2' 4'x2'x2.5' 4'x2.5'x2.5' Do you guy's think I'm better off just getting an off the shelf 4x2x2? Or does the extra 0.5' of space either width or length ways really make much of a difference to make it worth the extra $. Anyone bought a tank that's 2.5'W or 2.5'H regret it?
  11. I'm looking at buying a display tank set-up but I'm a bit hesitant over the glass thickness. The setup I'm looking at getting is 6 months old, with receipts to prove. What do you guy's think about a 4x2x2.5 having 10mm glass? Would you buy it?
  12. Ok looks like I need to go shopping for some stockings. Thanks God Big W has self serve checkouts, it saves the embarrassment of turning up a register with stockings.
  13. Has anyone had any experience with using Seachem Purigen in a bag other than the Seachem Bag? I've got 1/2 of a 1L container sitting here but I don't want to pay the $15 for a Seachem The Bag is there a DIY alternative? I want to use the 1/2 container on a couple of tanks and don't want to spend a small fortune on the Seachem Bags. Anyone got any advice as to what they've used? Thanks
  14. I've got a couple of tanks: 6ft - Geo's 5ft - Oscars 4ft - Severums 3ft - Shrimp 3ft - Tang Community
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