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  1. Just an update, from what I can tell a lot of the guys seem to just use the normal tank medications but soak them into the food as opposed to dosing a whole tank. Stuff like API General Cure or other parasite cure medications.
  2. Went to a couple of pet stores, the one on Redland Bay Road, then Pet City at Mount Gravatt to see if I could find anything. Pet City had some garlic additives, that had 'health benefits' which I think worked out to be vitamin C. Could not find any antiparasitic or anti bacterial stuff that mixes with food. Will try looking more online, all I find is the water treatment stuff. Edit I have found Continuum Bio Viv at the Tech Den....might give it a shot...looks like a few varieties to choose from.
  3. Hi All - quick question. I have been watching a few aquarium related videos on youtube, mostly from the US, and I noticed in some of the videos when they feed the fish they add stuff to the food (cut-up frozen fish or pellets). The stuff they give the fish has vitamins or anti parasitic medication etc etc. and just stuff to keep all the common diseases at bay in an aquarium, very handy when quarantining new fish. I have never seen that stuff before (not that I really looked) do we have that stuff in Australia? If so what is it called/common brands. All I see is the water medication/treatments, and not something that gets added to the food.
  4. I do auto water changes quite a bit and with Prime should be able to keep the spikes down. It would be mission impossible to use a net to get the gravel out (also would take an eternity), could use a net to get a good chunk of it out) but the tank is 90cm deep and I only have access from the back room, and only 2m of the 3m length has direct access. A hose syphon would be required to get most of it out, Not too worried about getting every last little bit of gravel, but would like sand in there.
  5. After playing around with with both sumps I have got the tank running pretty quiet. Only noise you can hear is the pump noise, not so much the water noise. I do want to get rid of the two smaller cheaper pumps in there and get another Ecotech Marine pump, as they are pretty quiet. They tank only starts making the waterfall noise when the filter socks get full. I change them about every 7-10 days. Usually 7 if I can remember. At about day 6-7 is when the tank gets a bit noiser. The Bocourti (M) and the smaller Persei (F) now pick on the bigger Persei (M - smaller than the Bocourti). They have paired up and have laid eggs a few times. No chance of them surviving, she does well guarding them but its a losing battle. Now for another question. I am wanting to get rid of the current substrate - black diamond quartz fine gravel. It is good, but dont think it is too good for the fish when they try to sift through it, or for bottom dwellers like loaches etc. Been in there since the initial setup so about 10 years and I would like to replace it with sand. I know it is a terrible idea to replace substrate in an established system, gas pockets and beneficial bacteria loss.. etc etc. Has anyone here just sucked out the gravel and then chucked in sand in an established system before?
  6. Never done salt, but there is a difference to keeping salt water fish only, and then having corals/reef tank. I see people with a decent reef size reef tank and they need a large filter room, let alone all the expensive gear like lights, circulation pumps, skimmers, reactors etc etc. Fish only saltwater seems to be marginally more complex than freshwater. Sure some good knowledge here, they can tell me how way off base I am.
  7. Just posted a few pics of it a few weeks ago on this forum...got like a couple views that is all....perfect example of this forums activity levels.
  8. Yeah I am still loving the hobby, only have a 3000L and an 800L. Want to set up another 3000L soon. My biggest gripe with the hobby is our selection of fish is pretty poor....and the cool stuff out there costs a mint. When you see youtube vids of people in fish stores overseas and see what they can get for a few bucks.......
  9. Used to be good many moons ago, the trader/market section was very popular. I think Facebook and Gumtree killed the market sections. Yeah the place is very dead now a days, simple things like we used to be able to have post signatures to put links to stuff were removed which was annoying. I have never used facebook to buy fish but I see it is very popular.
  10. Thanks, I did a big waterchange and upped the auto waterchange schedule, and noticed a bit of ammonia in the water...so was wondering if chloramine in the water or i am not getting out all the chlorine and was killing beneficial bacteria....
  11. Hey all, have not taken any pics of my tank in years, so thought might share, as I have a few questions re filtration…as you can tell my aquarium photography skills are 0….and the glass was fairly dirty. A few full tank shots (tank lights are three LED floodlights from Bunnings. Do a good job and cheap to run) Tank stock is Bala Sharks, Bocourti, Pearsei, Tinfoil Barbs, Redhook Silver Dollars, Silver Dollars, Filament Barbs, Oscar and Clown Loaches. Not the most exciting tank stock, all fairly peaceful, and boring. Although the Bocourti thinks he’s all that. Planning later to get a Qld Lungfish (had one get fairly big but jumped out…..still kicking myself, tank fully enclosed now) would love a pignose turtle…lol. Different angle of the tank, looking from the right side through the tank. The right wall here is 1.2m wide. The left side is only 70cm wide. Front glass is 2.8m wide, and back wall is 3m wide. Approx. 700 gallons Filtration room...where I am forever tinkering...usually with positive results....I hate doing maintenance and have it setup fairly automated...but am forever tinkering. Filtration is one FX5 that is fairly old, so I might get rid of it soon, only like it for mechanical filtration. Also has two sumps. Sumps have had a massive makeover in the last few months. Tank has a weir overflow with two pipes…one is a full syphon and the other pipe is pretty much backup. The full syphon pipe lets out that squeaking noise once every couple of hours…what is causing that? How do we stop that? Drains to two large 50micron filter socks, change them once a week. Are the three 90 degree bends an issue? would changing them to 45 degree elbows be better? Overflow used to lead under the tank but added that sump on the right after initial setup. Hose on the right is an auto top up I use for auto water changes. Door leads outside. After the filter socks there is a bunch of sponges and some marine pure bio balls, some in a baffle and others just sitting at the bottom, and some carbon. This first sump then drains to the bigger sump under the tank. Again the pipe is a full syphon with a backup pipe. Super quiet this one, no noise at all. The tank overflow is super noisy...cannot get it quiet. This main sump has a couple of those big marine pure blocks. Might add some more later. Water parameters are usually pretty spot on, I think the constant water changes help with that. Main tank return is above the FX5, the 1 > 3 ball valve pipes. The one on the right is pretty much always off and I only use it when feeding to help keep floating food in the tank longer and cause surface agitation. My view from my ‘office’ One more question, does the Redlands water have chloramine in the water? I think Brisbane city does.
  12. That is the cleanest sump in history.
  13. My 700g tank barely goes below 26-27. Heaters are only on during the day on timers. Keeps it temp throughout the night, I guess the pumps help a bit and is well insulated. 200g turtle tank is about 23-24. Only has one heater and has a very slow turnover in the sump.
  14. I would happily pay for a permit like for reptiles to be able to keep Koi in a pond. Been on a bit of a binge lately, watching vids on youtube with peoples Koi ponds.
  15. I hear Oscars as the answer a lot, and have owned a couple, they are interactive maybe just slightly more so than other cichlids. I have never owned one but I hear that puffers are suppose to be very smart. Pretty much like a water dog....
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