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  1. Lf giant gourami fry or juvies

    Me too....primarily a RTGG
  2. Glass Cleaning

    My tank is too big and at a weird shape that I have to use the magnet cleaners, I just recently bought the 'Flipper Max'. Love it. Had a generic algae magnet and was terrible. The Flipper Max has a blade side and a scrubber side. Expensive but I needed a strong and good solution, only clean the glass once every month or two as it gets very little algae on it but it the FM makes it very quick on a big tank. For smaller tanks I usually use the scrubber on a stick.
  3. Lungfish Breeders

    Is that a member here?
  4. Lungfish Breeders

    Just heard back form Livefish if anyone is interested, they are taking EOI's for the next 3-4 weeks, enquired about prices and was advised nothing is confirmed yet, but estimating the price will be around $2500-$3500 Well I guess I am out... Mental price for a native fish.
  5. Lungfish Breeders

    Cool info, do you have any idea on the price?
  6. Fish Shopping In California

    What is the going rate for datnoids? Usually around the $50 dollar mark from other people I hear. Can you bring me back a heap of them please? $40 for a redtail catfish...lol $13 for a redtail/tiger :-0
  7. Lack of Imports is killing the hobby

    I would be so happy when we can import datnoids....they are not risk at all of breeding and being an invasive species. Love them, but can no longer justify dropping bucket loads of money on a fish anymore. So many good species out there that would be no risk at all with importing that are banned.
  8. Best Algae Cleaner

    Just as an FYI, I ended up getting the Flipper MAX, as I need to be able to go around corners. I am using the acrylic (plastic) scraper/blade and not the metal one and it is amazing. The scrub pad also does a way better job, I think my old one may of been dropped one too many times. Very happy with the Flipper cleaners. Although I cannot work out yet how to flip it easily...I rely on the corners to flip sides.
  9. Best Algae Cleaner

    Quick question, I was checking out the Flipper magnet, similar to the Tunze magnet, as it has a blade and a scrub pad. Watching a review, they say you should change the blade (steel) every 3-6 months.... Is that the same with the tunze where you have to keep replacing the blade?
  10. Best Algae Cleaner

    Lol, cheers and liked. Now to tell the missus....lucky we know what today is.
  11. Best Algae Cleaner

    I might give the tunze one a shot, will have to get the big one. I watched a few vids on youtube and they say it cannot go around corners. Do you find that is the case?
  12. Best Algae Cleaner

    Unfortunately with the way my tank is designed, I cannot use any hand held items like a sponge on a stick or the plastic card (have used that on other tanks) methods. I am stuck with the magnet varieties...
  13. Best Algae Cleaner

    Thanks, that is one of the blade ones, I am a bit worried about them scratching the glass. You ever get any scratches from them? Do not want any sucker fish, hoping to get a lungfish and I hear sucker fish like to suck the slime coat off them.
  14. Best Algae Cleaner

    Hi All For those of you out there with larger tanks, what do you find is the best glass algae cleaner? The glass on my tank is 15mm thick. I have a pretty strong large magnetic cleaner, it has the velcro style cleaner inside the tank. This does not clean the tank enough, takes too much work for poor results (mind you I probably clean the glass 1-2 times a month), I do not get a lot of algae, I have 0ppm nitrates all the time, but it does catch a bit of sunlight throughout the day, so the occasional clean is needed. -Are the super expensive magnetic cleaners worth it? -Are the blade style ones better? I am paranoid of scratching my tank. -A broom/handle style scrubber is unfortunately not an option for my type of tank. I dont really have any algae eating fish in my tank... was holding off getting a pleco in case i get another lung fish.
  15. I have not bought anything on QLDAF in a long time...mind you I have not bought much fish related stuff in a while also. I am hardly on FB, what are the best pages/groups that people find fish to buy on?