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  1. The Guppy Guy

    aquarium warehouse labrador

    No they have gone ass up, shop is closed. Writing been on the wall for some time now.
  2. The Guppy Guy

    QCG Auction 13/10/18

    Yep, looking forward to it.
  3. The Guppy Guy

    Where can I get cheap glass

    Wow, that's great Barry. I've been meaning to chase you up on your red backed scrapers. I've got your number, so I call you towards the end of the week. Cheers J
  4. The Guppy Guy

    Where can I get cheap glass

    Bummer, thanks for the offer.
  5. The Guppy Guy

    Where can I get cheap glass

    Thanks Joller. I have all ready tried that, bit exhaustive in supply but always watching for them. Needing over a dozen panels and that is just the start.
  6. The Guppy Guy

    Where can I get cheap glass

    Anyone ????
  7. Hey Guy's, where can I find some cheap glass. Looking for a number of 4ft panels. I used to have a good supplier but he is finished up. My local demo yard is also gone and the glaziers want more for a single panel than I could buy a complete tank for retail. Prefer somewhere close to the Gold Coast, but will travel further if need be. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. J
  8. The Guppy Guy

    QLDAF Future

    I'll stick my neck out here , not being anything other than being a long time member. I am not, and I am sure many others are not interested in politics. I don't know or understand the behind the scenes running of a web site and how they are monetized, let alone what ever the argument is going on here, or who the players are. QLDAF is ICONIC, with readers Nation wide. The blow back on any commercial interest responsible for the end of this site would huge. So think it through and bloody kiss and make up will ya !
  9. The Guppy Guy

    Q.F.A.S. Super Auctions.

    Guess you better stay home then.
  10. The Guppy Guy

    Looking for Rainbows and Rhads

    Hey Nick, Will be harvesting my Goyder Trifasciata late next week. You can pick them up with the feeders when you come.
  11. Might be a silly question. How does one find or view the breeders registry ? Even the link above to Doug doesn't work.
  12. The Guppy Guy

    Special qldaf BBQ

    Just like Chocolate Gourami, only crunchy.
  13. The Guppy Guy

    Aquarium snails (Nerites etc.)

    Yep, just give it a rinse and off you go.
  14. The Guppy Guy

    Aquarium snails (Nerites etc.)

    Add Cuttle bone, you know what is used for the old Budgie to sharpen it's beak on.
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