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    Hi my name is Rob I am an animal lover of all types but mostly fish, birds and reptiles. I've owned fish since I was young, breed my first fish when I was five. I currently have a 4ft display tank with some peacocks, red forest jewels, bristlenose and braziliensis. I am looking for unusual and different coloured peacocks.
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    I like comping, fishing, shooting, breeding fish and birds and toad hunting.
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    Have no job so if any one is looking for a worker for a pet shop that they can teach from scratch.

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  1. K there was a few people there selling BNs was wondering who they are so i can buy some of them down the track if they still have some?
  2. My first time dealing with Beencees and I'm very happy with the quality fish I got hope to get more in the future and maybe some catfish to :).

  3. thanx again Keegan013 they look amazing in the tank and nice to meet you. Cheers Rob
  4. funny that i have keeped and bred mollys in fresh water since i was 5 and have had no problems with keeping them. i have even try them in different water types like cold and hot water hard and soft water and they did well in all. jmo
  5. @ Keegan013 will do mate thanx. Cheers Rob
  6. hey guys kinda new to shrimp I've started of with some glass shrimp but would like to go with cheery shrimp can anyone help me with tank requirements, different shrimp I can get ect. I have a 20L tank that I thought would be good to start off with that is 350L x245W x230Hmm. And also does anyone have any for sale that is located in Logan? Cheers Rob
  7. hey guys i am looking for anyone in the Logan area that is selling endler females? Cheers Rob
  8. some more.....and i was told this is a strawberry peacock and it was sold to me has that aswell. (T or F).
  9. i mean the first 5 photos i put up on page 4 and has for the brazilliensis didn't mean to upload them
  10. ok photos 1,3 and 4 I have no idea what they are photo 3 I know is a peacock of some sort. If any one can help id be grateful. cheers rob.
  11. hey, was just wondering if dragonblood peacocks and strawberry peacocks the some fish or two different ones? cheers Rob
  12. hey was wondering if you had any of these fish for sale lwanda, sunshine, eureka and eureka red, phenochilus, red empress, venustus and a blue dolphin all young males? They are for an all male display tank. The peacocks and venustus need to be around 7cm and the blue dolphin 11cm.

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