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  1. Hi guys

     3 discus for sale 

    1. 14-15 cm$70

    2.  11-12 cm $50

    3.  14-15 cm$80




  2. thats what i am looking for mate .. already have 2x 5 ft led lights they don;t seem to be that strong looking for spot light effect where u can plants high light plants. under the light.. I don;t think missus will let me spend light that cost 3x 300 dollar lol
  3. Is it good mate thinking of getting one for 5 foot planted tank ? Worth the money ?
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. the hardest part is getting them to eat first time. .after that u won half the battle gl with the discus ..
  6. ... .Thought i would share my tank it been set up for 2 yrs but redoing next week because i use the type gravel i have to use this grow the plants in this 2 feet tank replant in 5 ft tank lol
  7. thx guys ...MNRiekert your method ok for fish ?
  8. .I am thinking re doing 5 foot planted which i got set up for over 2 years .. the plants are not going strong as expected as noob i made mistake using normal gravel in stead of planted soil. i am just wondering which way to go either DIY dirted tank or already made soil like ADA. the curved ball is i got alot fish already in the tank so i have to put them back as soon as i finish changing the soil the fish list is 8 big discus , 10 Ls , 30 tetras , 1 bristle nose , 3 clown , 2 yoyo.
  9. nice pics as always mate come take pics my tank 2
  10. 5ft 150cm Cree Aquarium LED Reef Grow Light 3 Watt Leds | eBay any idea that this light will work for planted tank thinking of getting it. Many thanks in advance
  11. Cardinal Tetra | Fish | Gumtree Australia Brisbane North East - Bridgeman Downs | 1034640374 this guy is not 2 bad
  12. something in the water may be .. i doubt light anything to do with it ..
  13. thx kerrie thats what i think 2 . Pairs are fine they just abit of aggressive than usual but eggs get eaten the next day anyways. they are usually fine just adding new discus give me head ache lol ppl think discus just swim around not doing little that they know half the time they beating each other up. i have empty half the tank of wood so just plants there now. hopefully he will eat soon still not eating i think its like a week now . I will get some black worms tmw hopfully that will help.
  14. i will.. i am glad i asked u guys.
  15. thx mate i will remove the wood on the left side of the tank where its abit spiky .i havn't seen the tetras aggressive yet .. if they made on a move discus they are out ..i don't want to separate the pairs i seen tanks that keep lots of discus as display together plus i got no tanks to separate as well . the tank size is 5 x 1.5 x 1.5 may be its time to get 8 foot lol i got a rule with tanks if cant be carry buy 2 people its 2 big. 2 pairs are same type.
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