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  1. Hey mate inbox is full

  2. also vale will grow well. avoid any lilly type plants that will block the light, banana plant. some mosses will also be alright.
  3. is that 3foot deep if so you might need more than 2x16w globes if its going to be a planted tank.
  4. hey Ryan, you will have to let me know when you have it setup and ill pop over and see it. Goodluck, there was a guy on here selling corals you might want to check it out. I think 80 odd kg.
  5. what are you feeding them. are they in the bottom of the bristlenoses? a photo will help.
  6. thanks guys for the replies, some good ideas out there that I would never have had a look at. hmmm, ideas to ponder.
  7. sorry about the late reply. 14mm glass for the walls, I think the best option is to remove the moon lights and get more grow lights. not looking for a 250w MH as the elec bill will be too high. just want a nice plant tank but not for rarer plants and hard to grow. thanks guys for all the advice. Fishguy23 what are solar tubes? have moved the fronnies and now setting up discus and tetra's. got some golden cane and just about orders some plants. will get the CO2 in the new year, if anyone has ideas on brands?? that would be good..oh and glass too. Thanks Rob and Nicole
  8. golden cane for me and johnno....... We were both hopping for alot more theres always next auction...ready for another bidding war anyone?? I got some moss, golden cane and emperor tetras and blue emperor tetras. thanks everyone.
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  10. Hi all, I have a 3'7" deep tank, currently have frontosa housed in it. hoping to move them by christmas to a new tank. I want to setup the tank with some 7-10 discus. The tank is just over 6'x2'x3'7" and have got sand as the substrate, i have some golden cane and will be getting some more. filtration I have a fx5 and 300W jager heater. CO2 I am looking to get a CO2 for the plants. I have looked into a bottle and where to get it filled. I am just wondering the brands of regulators and solenoids to use and ones to watch out for. I might get a Ph monitor as well(not 100% sure yet). Any help here would be good. I am a little worried about the tank depth being 3'7" and the amount of light, hoping the CO2 will assist with the lower plants. PLANTS I probably will not have alot of plants down on the substrate except a few that can grow up with decent height. Any suggestions? Might put some val at the back and wouldnt mind a few swords. any ideas on types? I dont really want anything covering the light too much, like banana plants. I am horrible with plant names and have no idea on ones ideal to my situation. LIGHTING as for lighting, I currently have a 6foot light with 4x3ft t5, two with grow lights and the other with moon lighting. Just wondering if i should be looking into some other lights or if it will be enough? I just looked at a thread with LED strips and could put a few of these on top to assist. I dont really want the lights growing out of control as I have to empty the tank half way to get to the substrate( even then the head is still under the water. I have a vacumm to clean the bottom. Planning on a fair few discus, juvies and growing them out, might put a few tetra's in as well. few catfish as tank cleaners. already have a few discus in a smaller tank from Rex that will start the tank off.
  11. First external new is an FX5, big media tray and suits a 1400L tank perfectly. 1 filling the tank and 1 water change in about 4 months. lol. its got 10 frontosa Burundi in it. depends on size and height of the tank. you need a bigger filter the taller the tank as the head really kills the flow rate. FX5 also has really low power requirements. 6 times/hour flow rate is idea filtering. eg. 200L get a 1200L/Hr filter. if you have a huge tank might need a fx5 or two. Was impressed with the FX5 though. bit out of the budget but does a large tank with ease.
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  13. I am always in there as well... Good to have you aboard.
  14. thanks for that we just bought serazin i think it is called. ill see how that goes.
  15. thanks for that we just bought serazin i think it is called. ill see how that goes.
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