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  1. sold all of my fresh water gear now! Looking to buy a 3/2/2 or 4/2/2 marine tank now! I had a look at a couple in pet city which looked awesome. one was around 3 foot i think and maybe 2.5 high and wide and another i think was a 4/2/2. also found through a friend a 4/2/2 which is 4 months old and comes with everything - ready for live rock and water Will be posting pics of the build!
  2. I should also mention that this is not the exact tank but set up the same way and is now empty. The tank i'm using doesn't have submerged bioballs.
  3. Hi All, I have kept freshwater fish for years and years now and had pondered the change to marine for a long time. I was put off for so long by the costs involved and although I still can't say I'm excited to spend almost 2 grand setting up a tank (before the cost of corals & fish), I have finally decided it is going to be worth the change. So, here's the story... Any advice or tips will be greatly appreciated and taken on board. The tank is a 6ft/2ft/2ft which is drilled with 3 x 25mm bulkheads. (1 input & 2 output). There is no overflow currently but I plan on putting one in. The tank is sumped with a 5ft /15in/ 15in and there is a 4,500 lph power returning water to the tank and also excess back into the sump. (i will be adding pictures so if this isn't making too much sense, hopefully they will provide a bit of clarity). In the sump is jap mat and noodles. So I want the tank to be a coral tank with small fish so the coral doesn't get eaten. I was told to use crushed coral as a substrate.... getting back to the overflow... currently my two output bulkheads are over on the left hand side of the tank, close to the surface of the water. I was thinking to increase my output, either to redrill the same holes and put a bigger bulkhead on them or, to drill (& plumb) another 2 x 25mm bulkhead holes. Suggestions here would be greatly appreciated. If I do increase the output, I can obviously increase the input (as most of it gets cycled back into the start of the sump via T bar plumbing, (see pics)). I currently just have a stainless steel strainer on all three bulkheads but was thinking of using a spray bar for the input.. Does this also mean (if the input is strong enough) that i will not require a wavemaker/pump? I have been told there is a couple of options with the protein skimmer. external, hang off or internal. My preference is to have the protein skimmer working in the sump. is this an option and which one would be the most suited for my situation. I don't mind having to alter the sump or tank or even replacing the current sump for something more appropriate if that's going to be the best for the tank. Lighting - Led seems to be the way to go? suggestions on the best suited for a 6ft long 2ft deep tank would also be awesome. I can fully appreciate the expenses involved and know that it is a lot of work. I am recently single so bring it on. hahaha. I will make a journal with heaps of piccies for this one as I think it should be helpful for others that are just starting out in marine too. Thanks in advance for your help guys and as I said any advise to make my system more efficient, no matter the cost would be greatly appreciated. :)
  4. very cool shon. whats going in the pond?
  5. Ok thanks everyone for your help. I didn't go with the bath option as I read more into it on tropheusfanatics.com.au and they reckon mixing with food will be enough to cure even fish that don't eat. I have mixed one tablet which is 400mg in with a fair few days worth of food and feed them today. From what I have read, I should do 40% water changes daily while treating so tomorrow I will do that and then feed the left over food that was mixed with one tablet. Does anyone have anything to add or would like to alert me to something I may be doing wrong? Thanks again!
  6. put the fish in the bucket for how long once or twice a day?
  7. thanks Shon. What about the fish in there that is affected. Because they are not eatting, how will the treatment work for them?
  8. No I havent treated it. I honestly didn't know it was contagious. So I know the Chem is called metro but you have to have it prescribed from a Doctor as a stomach med. What's the name of it the med I need to ask the doc for?
  9. Nah it's not. If you pm me your mobile number I'll SMS you a pic?
  10. Anubias and java fern and i dunno the others name but it has really large leaves.
  11. Granugreen pellets, flora & rarely nls. Checked all the parameters and they are fine..
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