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  1. the only ones i've seen are motoro's, black diamonds and flower's. the black diamonds and flowers were in sydney. haven't seen any in queensland/brisbane though i'm guessing yes we are allowed to keep other types of rays in aus
  2. Still looking. @ The Guppy Guy, just wondering if you got my PM the other day interested in buying the worms off you mate.
  3. nice thread guys. just wondering where can I get this 'Tahitian Moon sand' from? would help a lot cheers
  4. cheers ronny i will contact russ sometime this week about them to get a quote PM sent
  5. they look very similar except they are 2 times larger and meatier. and you don;t have to refrigerate them
  6. sorry mate i'm after super worms they look like these
  7. hi guys just wondering if anyone know of a superworm farm? that could do bulk buys and stuff. cheers
  8. hi just wondering what is the difference between the 2? planning on getting some from redlands pet centre very soon. the off-spec version looks very similar to the seachem de-nitrate any help would be awesome. cheers
  9. I was told there is a pair of pink gg's breeding somewhere way up north, heard the tank/fibreglass pond was HUGE
  10. nice, good to see some more juvies around
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