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    Clontarf, Redcliffe
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    I have a a passion and love for bristlenoses!
    Currently Breeding Peppermint Catfish.
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    Ice Hockey and being a mum x
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  1. Pm'ed you @EvilChief
  2. $70 the lot. Cmon guys! Take my tanks please!!! Theyre taking up shed room
  3. Offers?
  4. $100 for the lot. Tanks and stand.
  5. 3fts sold. Take the rest - stand and tanks and logs for $110
  6. 3ft sold pending pickup
  7. Sssooooo cool! Someone will snap this up quick! Feel free to post this in with the livestock thread too, just incase a shtimp lover misses the dry goods threads. Crystal.
  8. Im open to offers!
  9. BNGirl Breeding setup. 600x380x380 blue back with lids- x shop, with bulk head attached. (2ft)(Top left) $25 915x450x450 (3ft) biggest with lids (top right) $50 550x260x300 bottom left $15 610x300x300 bottom right $15 850x220 lids that sketchly cover bottom 2 tanks $5 for both 1520x470x810x325 welded steel stand -painted black $50 2BN Breeding logs $20 for both- 2 are like brand new (textured ones SOLD) TAKE IT ALL FOR $170 and ill include the rest of my plastic transport bags and rubber bands. Pickup Clontarf 4019. Text 0478173846 (PLEASE ONLY TEXT as calling me may be followed by a verbal lashing if you wake the baby... hahaha) BNGIRL.. aka Crystal
  10. Rest in Peace MR Oscar. Couldnt imagine a better home than the Billabong, but hopefully your swimming somewhere good!
  11. Just a thought.. Have you chucked in any straw? Its natural.. bidegradable eventually.. Like the stuff you can get in cheap Bales for Chicken laying material. You could chuck it on your floating islands and it would eventually be pulled through by the fishes or will become a bit of slow release pond topping
  12. :'( oh no! but whos going to give me hilarious names above my avatar?
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password