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  1. EOI 35cm Australian Sleepy COD

    Bump. $200 the lot.
  2. Random collection of tank maintence pieces

    Bump $20
  3. EOI 35cm Australian Sleepy COD

    Looking for offers for it all.. second bub on the way and doing tank maintence on both 4fts with a toddlers hard enough. Ill take any reasonable offer. Text 0418519985 as Im not as active on the forum as I used to be.
  4. Huge bag of rock salt. Random lengths of spray pipes/filter tubing. Test kits (complete in boxes) as well as whats seen. Small amounts used. Fry saver. Air filter/sponge (rest broke) 2 ceramic pots 1 decorative pot. Thermometers (digital and glass) Glass measuring devices. Medium sized fish bags (pinkie thick stack..) Discus book. Went through all my dads old tank things (he passed and left it to me). Wanting $25 for the lot. Everything still working and indate. Pickup Clontarf 4019. Please text 0418519985. Not as active on the forum as I used to be - children do that Crystal.
  5. EOI 35cm Australian Sleepy COD

    My Sleepys still here and still available. His whole setup is available too if interested. 4ft Tank, Lights, Filter, Heater, stand and wood/rocks. Photos of the setup and Mr Bruce Today. Sorry for crappy photos.. Toddlers and phones dont go well together.
  6. EOI 35cm Australian Sleepy COD

    Still avaliable. Text 0478173846 if interested.
  7. EOI 35cm Australian Sleepy COD

    Amazing bargain then! That middle photo looks just like Mr Bruce. That bottom one has amazing colours, I do wonder why they loose the colours and go the plain Brown when grown. Wouldn't you want to be brown when little to avoid predators and when your bigger and less of a target then be pretty? hahaha mmnnn. Might consider reducing the price.. haha whats your offer?
  8. EOI 35cm Australian Sleepy COD

    @Kylewhite where did you buy it from? (If you dont mind me asking) Ive got this price tag on Mr Bruce as he is a high quality fish. Has never had any health issues, no defects on his body anywhere. Only fed top range floating pellets and has always been in high quality water environments - I can assume if someones caught one wild and out of a dam/stream for $40.. . Just my 2 cents.
  9. EOI 35cm Australian Sleepy COD

    Over $100
  10. HELP! 15 cm Sleepy COD

    hes up for sale now.
  11. Hey Everyone, many of you know the story of me coming to the need of a 15cm sleepy cod that turned up at my door that night being actually 30cm. Well the big 'boy' (unknown sex), has now grown to 35cm's. Hes currently eating a small packet of Hikari floating 'food sticks' a month, as well as the occasional feeder fish or Yabbies. Also loves garden worms and can be fed by hand. Anything bigger than 2cm he will eat whole and with furiosity. (Will bash the top of the tank with the force he uses to propel at victims (sometimes coming 4cm out of the water). Some facts about Sleepy Cods, as theres literally 0 posts on the forum about them. Classified the largest Species of Gudgeon, can grow to a max of 45cm (not recorded in a tank situation), can survive in tempertures from 4c to 35c, (MR Bruce sits at around 29c in our tank). Its not written anywhere, but they have the most effective clean up system for poos! Its literally the size of my thumb so an easy suck up and clean as you cant miss them https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleepy_cod http://www.coburgaquarium.com.au/sheet.php?id=576 Not suitable for planted tanks as 1 swish of his tail if hes determined to get something and everything will be uprooted. Hes currently in a bare bottom tank with 1 large log for hiding (log comes with him) and a small floating plant. If your game you can house tank mates with him, but I wouldnt.. hes eaten every house mate we have tried putting with him, from big yabbies with huge claws to large goldfish... he just wants to be big and alone I guess. Needs to be housed in a 4ft + tank. Just looking for offers at this stage. We are in Clontarf 4019 I have no experience in shipping fish, but your more than welcome to take that route if you wish. Serious Buyers are more than welcome to see him in person. x Crystal aka BristlenoseGirl 20171003_190800[1].mp4
  12. baby bristlnose dieing

    I used to feed my Albino and other Babies Raw Pumpkin, skin and all. and would mix it up from week to week with Zucchini, Pumpkin, and Mushrooms (just on a weighted fork). DO you have a photo of your current setup? Sometimes an outside eye can pick up on something that can easily be passed by. <3 Happy to hear theyre being kept with the parents and the parents are dong okay.
  13. HELP! 15 cm Sleepy COD

    @Jeremy3057 Your sleepy cod is such an amazing colour! I wonder if they change with age.. or just stay the way they come? Mr Bruce is fully Brown with no changes in colour except some lighter highlights Wiki'ed... They are dark brown along the back and paler on the sides, with fuzzy dark lines running along scale rows.[2] Juveniles have a white or cream patch running along the back and top of the head, with brown sides and a white belly. well there you go!
  14. By the colour of his scales.. it looks likes hes being burnt/under alot of stress by your water.. Whats the Ph like in the tank? Did you use old water from their last tank to add to the new tank?
  15. Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    Hey @Grover65k Havnt been on for a while, been parenting.. HAHA! Was lovely to sit and read through whats been happening since Ive been gone.. Looks like.. Poo Filter.. fish are growing.. Waters overflowing occasionally.. And Your looking into more big fish! Well If I was to ever rehome MR Bruce (30cm Sleepy Cod) I think He would love your Billabong. I hope all is well. *Would Love a overview shot of the billabong to see plant growth and water colour* BNGIRL