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    I have a a passion and love for bristlenoses!
    Currently Breeding Peppermint Catfish.
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  1. By the colour of his scales.. it looks likes hes being burnt/under alot of stress by your water.. Whats the Ph like in the tank? Did you use old water from their last tank to add to the new tank?
  2. Hey @Grover65k Havnt been on for a while, been parenting.. HAHA! Was lovely to sit and read through whats been happening since Ive been gone.. Looks like.. Poo Filter.. fish are growing.. Waters overflowing occasionally.. And Your looking into more big fish! Well If I was to ever rehome MR Bruce (30cm Sleepy Cod) I think He would love your Billabong. I hope all is well. *Would Love a overview shot of the billabong to see plant growth and water colour* BNGIRL
  3. Rest in Peace MR Oscar. Couldnt imagine a better home than the Billabong, but hopefully your swimming somewhere good!
  4. Just a thought.. Have you chucked in any straw? Its natural.. bidegradable eventually.. Like the stuff you can get in cheap Bales for Chicken laying material. You could chuck it on your floating islands and it would eventually be pulled through by the fishes or will become a bit of slow release pond topping
  5. :'( oh no! but whos going to give me hilarious names above my avatar?
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  7. @Joshwd next time your down you can buy some of my guppies (German White Tail Tuxedo) and pepermint BN in 1 go
  8. @rainbowrunner your liking issue can be fixed by @gingerbeer and @pony-tail theyre soooo little and cute! How are they doing now? I googled Rhads and they look like an awesome fish! Do you think a Sleepy cod would eat them?
  9. @mrzeby I compare it to online shopping, imagine if they didn't have the pictures. Selling with just descriptions. You would get the name of said couch and google it. And upon pickup you would expect it to look exactly like the photo.. as they didn't provide one.. or someone selling puppies.. Black poodle.. try googling that one Get my drift.. what Im trying to say.. Lots of fish have different colourations/growth depending on food/water quality and even lighting. Even commons! Slight rips in fins, a slightly larger fish than the rest. Its all information a good fish keeper should be looking at. Plus its always good to know what your buying EXACTLY. just my 2cents.. Im a Peppermint BN and German White Tail Tuxedo Breeder (trying Discus..) but I always update with photos of what the new offspring looks like and what is actually up for sale.
  10. I cant help, but be mesmerized by the big guy. Super hungry and ready to knaw off a finger today!
  11. @EvilChief Ive left 1 in and taken the other out.. One had really really fast flow for a sponge filter! I couldnt believe it! (and apparently Sleepy cods dont like fast water movement..) so that would have pissed him off too. . Hes a TON happier today! Even staring at his packet of floating pellets.. ready for a feed! Soo relieved his happier. Hes even starting munching on his tank mates! As a thankyou @EvilChief the 4 Peppermints over 4cm are all yours Emptying the tank of BN made me realise how tricky the little suckers are to catch! hehehe ** Thinking.. that the heaters in the tanks dont have to do much at the moment!***
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  13. mmmnnn.. Now that I have a carnivore fish.. this is a good read.. And on the tricky side of the fishkeeping business... So if I house the sleepy Cod (50cm) in with some.. lets say small crayfish and some guppies. And nature so happens to take course. Woops