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  1. ah sorry it's 3 high some extra fish ill research tonight I'll let you guys know what I go with.
  2. these are still selling? I was very interested in these awhile ago but thought that being only 2 foot wide it might be to small? are you talking freshwater?
  3. to be honest I love all types and have enough free tank space to start looking at new exciting things I have not seen or had before but had never had a breeding tank that big so was looking at suggestions. which has been great and I think I'll go the way of the fronties and maybe look at the calvus and shell dwellers as they have always had my interest thanks again
  4. I'm torn between having it as a nice tank to trip ball's at or for breeding golden swimmers, I already have over 48 ft dedicated to guppys lol. I was thinking about the fronties but wasn't sure what ones to look for as there are so many varieties. I'm going to look the Champsochromis Caeruleu up as I'm not familiar with them. As for sharks that would be one big as chiller you would need. Thanks for the suggestions guys.
  5. so I am just finishing setting up my 8x3x2 and I currently do not have any fish i really want to put in it to breed. I do have what I hope is a pair of red bay snooks but I think it to big for two of them. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to put in there keeping in mind I want something to breed and sell. thanks
  6. Hey steveandjules, do you mean 120 liters per minute? Just asking because i got a new 300 lpm air blower and was going to hook it up to 32mm PVC for added pressure and run about 100-150 air devices at full current off it. Thinking i may have gone over kill a little lol. Best things i have done. 1. IBC water prep. 2. IBC grow out 3. taking advantage of out hot summer and using outside containers for hardy species. 4. Frozen bottles of water for dropping that 1 degree down on those 1-5 hot days a year. Things i wont do again. 1. build stands to high or to low. 2. setup on carpet. 3. not have spare heater/pumps on hand
  7. Thats pretty skeptical to me, if your renting it will depend if your owner puts it in your lease to pay for water or not. MOST places you rent the owner pays the rates i.e. water but due to increased prices alot of owners are passing on the cost to the renter. Just double check before signing your lease.
  8. Loving the new lines you are adding to techden!! Thanks for another great shipment and excellent help John. Al
  9. I was dealing with high Ph and HUGE buffering capabilitys a few months ago, it would even buffer back up after acid. I solved it by speaking to techden, daydream and a bit of research. 1. I fill my IBC to full with tap water through a Carbon block (now adding setiment filter to increase carbon life as well) This helps remove heavy metals. 2. I add Chlorine nutrliser/water ager (i use superclor) 3. Check KH Levels 4. I connect my power head to a fluid bed filter that has 600ml of Macropore gold in it. Normally 2-3 days like this depending on how hard your water is. 5. Check KH levels (you will eventually figure out how long it take to get to your required KH) 6. Turn fluid bed filter off and recharge the macropore gold 7. I add Peat moss that has been pre soaked in the previous tub so it is ready to realise all the goodness. (peat moss is in stockings) 8. Watch Ph slowly drop over the next few day or so. 9. Do water changes 8. take peat moss out and repeat. Now obviously its hard for me to tell you how much Peat moss you will need but eventually you will get used to the amount. I use a basket ball size one at the momment and it lasts about 3000L. i just let it sit in there and squeeze it when i go past. Obviously a power head as les suggested will speed this up more. Also i love Air so 4 good size air stones to mix the water up i always find beneficial. Al
  10. I cant help much with fish suggestions but i run the general rule of cleaning the gravel atleast once a week when doing WC, not much extra work since your already draining it. once a month or so ill also take out everything and give it a real good clean. Honestly tho i really dont think you will get a negative effect if you only do it every 2-3 weeks and have good filtration. But you fish will like you more if you do it weekly Al
  11. Mine started doing the same things once and i finally figured out that i was just putting my damn net in there to much and changing things around all the time so they where never getting fully settled. So i didnt disturbe them for about a month and they all stoped running to hide. Good luck!
  12. If you want to stop the water going yellow run some marcopore white in it + you will get the other benifits of running this type of media. Check out Techden its pretty cheap and it cleans just as good as the purigen i use also except cheeper.
  13. Yep your right hiding the outlet will reduce the solids picked up, didint think for a second as i usally use a power head to stir it all up. blue lights and bubbles are definetly realxing, i like to add a little white light mixed in to for some reason but couldnt tell you why haha. A nice piece of drift wood with detail goes a long way to. Good luck with it all, look forward to seeing what you do with it.
  14. If you want a suggestion a few more rocks with piles on two sides with higer gravel on the sides and lower in the middle like a little stream gully. Also i like using air bubbles and hiding all the tank bits behind the rocks. I seen a air bubble display in a tank that looke like a waterfull was flowing in it. was amazing. I personally have sat on rate my aquarium for hours trying to get different idea
  15. Simply fixed by writting out all the risk involved and getting the customer to sign it before you order, you can even make it a legal document that you could then sue them if they sladered you. 4) Most industrys will only sell wholesale to confirmed retailers. Don't know where the impression it is just fishworld came from Prob a bit broad of me to say that, i guess what i mean is once a retailer can not supply you with what you want than what problem should anyone have with going around them? My example was why should they make money off something they have to do nothing for? Becuase IF they got my fish the PETSHOP would have them for what 12hours? Why should they make $$$ for that. They dont lose money because they are protected by the wholesaler (they have a guaretee for arrival). So the wholesaler is the one that should make the money as the LFS runs no risk for importation and does not source the fish. So why get them involved? So what i meant was if they cant than you go around them. Like me if you wanted to buy 100 samsung galexys 3's, i would either get in for you as cost + 1handeling payment or put you in contact with my supplier.
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