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  1. FYI this is that exact fish and is an older brother of the fish we sell... This fish is still in our shop and on display. It is not being feed whitecrane. 20151211_171407.mp4
  2. Hi Guys The old code is discontinued however we do still offer 10% off to active QLDAF members Every member is set up with a unique code. To get your code simply email us with your forum username to info@aquaholicsonline.com.au please note for your code to work when you receive it you must be logged into Aquaholics with an account
  3. The old code has expired... Yes we offer 10% off to members. Simply send us a email at info@aquaholicsonline.com.au with your forum username and we will generate you a code.
  4. Well here is a special that will drop your jaw Dee 100cm 6500k Plant Dedicated LED Lights Were $119 NOW $67.26 (even less after your forum discount) Super Bright with 2 Setteings (HI - LOW) Product Specifications: Brand : Dee Type : Plant Fixture Size: 1000-1200mm x 105mm x 12mm (add 100m height with brackets installed) LED's Count: 84 Kalvin: 6500K - 6800K Power Rating: 84 x 0.5W LED TYPE : 84 x 5030 SMD Power Usage: 42 watts Fixture Colour : Silver
  5. OK as we are the importers ill let you in on a little info These heaters are the exact same heater that you see on the market being sold under another well know brand.. they are made in the same factory to the same specifications only one has a different colour button to the other. We actually had these here before the others were released but like all our products we like to have them put through a test before we spend the $$ on big imports With both brands the early models had an issue that we were able to identify and have had modifications made to ours to rectify the issue. We sell many of them in many sizes biggest issue being the way they are handled in transit (but we have insurance on all out items so your covered)
  6. Bakki Balls $16.90 per kg (approx 2 Litres) cheaper for bulk http://www.aquaholicsonline.com.au/biopro-aqua-bacteria-house-bio-bakki-balls-1kg.html Brand : Biopro Product : Infra-red Bakki Balls Material : Ceramic Qty : 1KG Size : 25mm Balls Water Type : All PH : Stable Bakki Rods as low as $3.35ea (cheaper after forum discounts) http://www.aquaholicsonline.com.au/biopro-aqua-bacteria-house-bio-bakki-rods-10-pack.html Brand : Biopro Product : Infra-red Bakki Rods Material : Ceramic Qty : 10 Size : 160mm x 45mm Water Type : All PH : Stable
  7. Shipping in our store is a flat rate of $7. you can order 1 item or a pallet fell and it will still be $7 As for ordering parts we have them listed on our site under spare parts - canister filters
  8. Yes they will fit.. they are the exact same canister filter except we have added longer hoses and more media to ours and have them branded BioPro we have been with this company right through the development of these filters.
  9. Sounds like your impeller is gone.. we sell the genuine part that would fix that up for around $12 (that will bring it back like new) it could also be just a case of a good clean in the impeller socket and ensure the rubbers are in good condition
  10. we are the original importers of this filter and have been dealing direct with the factory on almost a daily basis for over 5 years The petworxs canisters we don't carry as they are just our biopro canisters under different label, we are still also the suppliers of all the genuine spare parts.. I can safley say we know more about these filters than anyone in Australia and they are very very reliable we don't sell our Biopro 1200 for $99 its only $75 after forum discounts it would be around $68 and ours are with extra media. This is because we are the direct importers
  11. They should be great.. They are made in the same factory as our biopro canister filters. We have sold over 10,000 units and only a handfull have been returned
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