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  1. defenetly get one from furg.You wont get better quality tanks anywhere.
  2. hey guys i have just bought a rack of 9x 2x1x1 tanx.just wonderin what the cheapest way to heat the tanx would be.use individual heaters in all tanx or use a heater to heat the room thanx
  3. hey guys anyone know the number of the guy who sells his tanks at the caboolture markets? thanx
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  5. braddo is right, its a hardy head,great for bait. thanx
  6. hey guys does anyone know how pakistan loaches breed?just curious!! thanx
  7. What size do blue dolphin start to breed?Just wondering cause mine are around the 8cm mark. THANX
  8. Just wondering what is the best food to feed electric yellow fry to make them get there bright colour? thanx
  9. how big do blue dolphins have to be to breed? thanx
  10. Do albino bn males get a bright pink underbelly or would it be a female with eggs?just thought i would ask because my male(if is a true male)has a bright pink under belly. THANX
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  12. one of my albino bristlenose catfish has become extremely bloated and is having trouble swimming.Is there anything i can do? please help.Thanx
  13. do female albino bn get bristles like males or do they have smaller amounts of bristles? THANX
  14. is it best to put driftwood in with bristlenose fry or not?Also what does everyone else feed thier baby bn? THANX
  15. There just commons and yes i did shine a torch down the cave.
  16. my largest bn male has recently been kicking his eggs out of the breeding cave.Why is this?Is he to old?sick of breeding? THANX
  17. What size or age do orange spot bn have to be to breed? THANX
  18. what is the best food to make bn catfish grow fast?
  19. how much would an adult pair (breeding size) of gold nugget catfish(LO18)be? THANX
  20. after my bristenose breed ,alot of the fry seem to die.Why is this?i have plenty of wood in the tank. THANX
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