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  1. Hi there

    How much you asking for the filter mate, might keep as a back up cheers johnnie

  2. Hi there

    Could you let me know the measurement of the tank & stand over all also how wide the whole thing is just need to see if its going to fit..


  3. Hi there

    Is your fish tank still for sale?


  4. Hi mate

    Could I please send pictures of the tanks 0401-929-100


  5. Hi there

    Just wondering what sorta size he is? Have you got paper work on him & where did you get him from.. Could you please send some pictures to my number or email j.man.77@hotmail.com how much are you asking thanks johnnie...

  6. Hi there

    Hi it's been a while since Iv been on here how are you?

    What's your best price on the filter? I can pick up when ever I'm not sure if my messages are working

    Thanks johnnie...

  7. Hi

    Would you have any canister filters?


  8. Hi there

    Would you be able to send me some pictures of the yellows 0401-929-100

    Thanks johnnie...

  9. Hi mate

    Would you sell your filter?

    Thanks johnnie...

  10. Hi Peter

    Johnnie here it's been awhile.. I was just hoping you could point me in the rite Direction or know someone who could.. im after a WC male mpimbwe frontosa to add to my colony if you could help would be much Appreciated

    Thanks johnnie.....

  11. Hi there

    I might be keen on the L's if you wanna split the tank up... Iv got a nice big display tank Theyll look very nice in i can pick up ASAP feel free to text 0401-929-100 thanks.....

  12. Hi there

    Have you still got your yellows? How many are there... Thanks johnnie

  13. Hi there

    Just wondering how they would go in a 6/2/3 with 20 odd fronts? Have you got a ruff price in mind.. Not sure what they are worth

    Thanks johnnie

  14. Hi mate

    Iv got a 5x2x2 on a tall metal stand has all lids no leaks good con.. $150

    0401-929-100 thanks John...

  15. Hi mate

    Have you still got the 12 outlet pump ? If so ill offer $50 i can pick up this weekend


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