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  1. Congratulations! what I am thinking is soon you will be posting " How the hell do I stop these buggers breeding!" had a few of these myself and they just kept at it ... had so much fry we ended up using them for hydroponics!
  2. Nice work Peter, this species the reason behind the name "Rainbow" fish.
  3. He is the Fish Master ... welcome Marvel, a true aquatic genius!
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. Spangled Perch are nasty ... Barramundi of course:ranger:
  6. Thats a great looking tank ... and yes good job with water changes.
  7. Sounds like they have developed dropsy or something bacterial, prognosis is usually pretty grim once they have developed concave bellies very hard to bring em back. You should definitely add garlic to their food, although I must admit from your description of what you feed them you are feeding them quite well. Still there is alot of evidence that adding garlic to fish food will help keep bacterial issues at bay and generally improve your fish's digestive health.
  8. Nice work, its generally a good idea to keep new born fry in smaller vessels:ranger:
  9. A photo would help too, what temp is the water? what pH is the water? how long has the tank been running?
  10. Hmm not easy to tell how long, dont risk it, either remove all the other fish and leave her alone until she spits ... or carefully remove her and put her in a hatching tank, or ... you could set a 3 week time frame and if she is still holding after 3 weeks you can pretty safely strip her.
  11. It varies, maybe if you let us know what you want to send we can give you some advice.
  12. Welcome aboard to the best aquarium forum in the southern hemisphere imho:ranger:
  13. I recently was faced with having to flea bomb my place ... covered all tanks with sheets and glass covers ... all the fish survived no issues, but in 1 tank I lost all my shrimp...If you have shrimp take them out of the house until treat ment is finished.
  14. I use 2 big spongies in mine works a treat:ranger:
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