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  1. looking great man
  2. Druid that is classic mate definalty a story to tell for years to come. Don't worry about the wife she will probably calm down in a day or so. You hope . She is probably happy that you got up and did something without being asked. Well mine would be anyways. you may have started something though next she will want the house completely done. Good luck mate. Damo
  3. its been too long. Way too long. Farewell Druid. You Will be Missed. Please fellows members a moment of silence for our dearly departed friend.
  4. Giant balls of steel my friend if you need a bed though I got a spare. Is she home yet I'm itching for an update.
  5. why did i only just stumble upon this what a beautiful tank well done sarah
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  7. i would love to see more of this. updates??
  8. Ok tanks has been up for 48 hours time for the first test Temp: 26.1 PH: 8 Ammonia: .25 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Nitrate: 0 ppm Tonight i noticed a little snail making his way along the back of the tank so very tiny with a creme shell if i can get a pic ill post up.
  9. I just want to say pet city are a bunch of awesome people. Went in there saturday spent way too much money and walked away with a new tank and more than i really wanted to spend. Couldn't help it though everything was so clean, all the tanks in wonderful condition. The young guy that served me was excellent and overall the service from all the staff that talked to us was excellent. I cant wait to go back. Thanks for a wonderful experience.
  10. haha dexter. im just really fascinated at it. i knew that there would be things that lived in the rock but the life and growth after such a short time blows me away.
  11. ok so i had a bit of a freak tonight. I was sitting in my chair and i noticed something flying around the tank. I got up and looked closely and first thing i noticed it was dead it looked like a sea monkey. But then i looked at the live rock more closely its really amazing what i saw after only 24 hours. i will let the pics talk though. Umm what is this and what the hell is this thing i am just amazed truly amazed
  12. rex mate lets talk prices mate pm me im keen man
  13. very minimal rex just a couple of clowns and a cleanup crew to start off. After i get something established ill be upgrading to a sump in a custom cabinet and then if all goes to plan with the upgrade ill start with some small corals. Being my first marine tank im a little hesitant to go to much to fast.
  14. Introduction: Hi my name is Damien I'm from Bundamba just west of Brisbane in ipswich. I have been into fish since i could breath. For years my old man kept fish and when i got a place of my own i started keeping my own fish. I never got interested in marine tanks because cost was always way too much for me. I have bred guppies mostly and now have a custom made 3 foot guppy tank that has been great for the last few months. But since going on a bit of a shopping spree for my freshwater tank i saw that marine gear was alot cheaper than it was 10 years ago so after looking into it a couple of months ago i decided to take the plunge. Reefing Since: 09/06/2012 System Objectives: The main objective is just to see if i can actually keep a marine tank. I want to start off slow then progress with knowledge and understanding to immerse fully into a larger reef tank down the line. Type of reef: FOWLR but will progress to a reef tank later on Display System: New Purchase: Aquaone 40 Initial Fill Date: 09/06/2012 Display Tank Dimensions: 40cm Cube Display Lighting: Included lighting (upgrade at a later stage) Stand: Lol kitchen bench. No really it is my kitchen bench. Hood or Rimless: Rimless Filtration: All in one filter behind the partitioned back wall Closing Remarks: The main goal with this tank is just to get it going. Cycling and the usual stuff i can see is going to be harder than what i am used to but im very excited to have started finally. If i can do it well i will be doing a major upgrade to this tank at a later stage by adding a proper stand with sump and skimmer but for now im just keen to see the tank start to grow. Pics
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  17. AP i am itching to see your designs mate would love to see them I'm looking for ideas.
  18. Dont hate but im going guppies RCS and peppermints or possibly discus would love a marine tank but im too scared it will be semi planted. Im not a fan of bigger fish and with the minister of war and finance getting involved it is as much her decision as mine. i just dont get cichlids i dont know why but i just love the smaller fish. im thinking i might line breed in the tanks underneath maybe some ribbon fin guppies or some pure endlers. i will get a marine tank one day but i have to study alot to even get close to it and i have to find a decent LFS.
  19. My first thought was if I was to have a 6 foot tank and have 1 foot cubes underneath I would maybe have enough for a sump. I am not a fan of using sponge filters. 1 foot cubes would give me space for a 3.5 foot sump or am I talking out my ass lol.
  20. So after getting chewed out by the missus for wanting to get more tanks i think i may have finally had a win. I showed her the below pic and she actually liked it straight away. Immediately we both started to have ideas and we decided that if i could get something designed and with a good way to get everything filtered with lights and heat she reckons i can go ahead. Bare minimum i want a 6 foot standard main tank (i hate bay and corner tanks) the lower tanks im not sure on. i know i will have to have a sump filter with heater. everything will have LED's for lighting. So tell me guys whats wrong with it, depending on tank size for the lower tanks what kind of sump size will i need, heater size and finally can this be actually done well. i know i would need a steel stand but i want to encase the steel stand so it is not visible. Pick it apart tell me what wont work what will and what you would change. Thanks guys Damo
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  22. unexplained is that your tank mate? would love to see some more shots of it. Looks brilliant.
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