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  1. hi there i am going to do my 6x2x2 with diy substrate and going to use propagating sand and and i would like to know if you wash it :confused:
  2. thanks for that i have done the salt so i will give the methylene blue a go thanks
  3. hi there i 17discus in my 6x2x2 and about half of the discus eye have gone white the ph is fine i water change ones every 3 days half the tank. please help:(
  4. wow i love the set you got there great job
  5. hi can you tell what plants they are pls?


  6. love to see the it when finish good luck
  7. thank you i got two different ones in there 4 in total
  8. hi the catfish is a shovel nose whiptail
  9. how long do you think it take get there tanks like that?
  10. thanks you and good guess there is 20 discus in there and there is 3 Clown Loach and the tank is 6x2x2
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