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  1. Is there any chance of seeing a picture of the fish? Thank you. Paul.

  2. nice fish need more plants, you can't have too many plants
  3. The reason the tank is those measurements is because it was made to site on an old bar. I wanted it a metre high, but it quadrupled the price. I really like the heighth, but wider would be good as well.
  4. Fish list so far - b/n; o/s; peps aibinos; corys; hoplos; L168; L202; endlers tetras; rummynose; penguins; rainbows; guppies; whiteclouds; scissortails; harlequins; paki loach; buffalo barbs
  5. it's 2.6m long x 800cm high x 600cm wide. Bit slow on the computer... fish list to follow
  6. A few photos of my first fish tank. What do you think? It has been trial and error.
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