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  1. Might send some bubs down soon mayo ;-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Neoarius midgleyi/paucus, same as the big black one in my feeding vid Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Another one for the pond from the other weekend...only 95cm though :-( Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. My freshwater morays getting stuck into some prawns, red tail junglies doing their best to avoid the open mouths Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Lungy had a pair of clowns he was trying to breed back in the drumpak days...not sure if they ever spawned but.
  6. Flew down to Bris the other weekend to drop off some fish and do a bit of fish shopping and decided to grab 4 pbass juvies from Darra to grow out since I sold all my pairs off a while ago. Anyone know the parents of these, would like to see what colours they might end up with. Currently in the 7x3 with small spotted silver dollars and 3 rtgg juvies but will move to a section of the gar pond or the pool come spring for some power growing :-)
  7. Just putting some weight back on them for now, will start trying to get them on small smelt and hikari floating sticks and dried shrimp soon. They take grasshoppers as well so crickets might another option.
  8. Will pick up a polarised filter for the cam and get some pics of the gars in the pond at feeding time. Or when my underwater camera comes bcak from repair will get some underwater video. Dexter...yup, pair of florida gars, getting some good size on them now. Now just chasing bichirs for breeding projects so if anyone knows of M/F pairs or singles (endli, ornate or dels) shoot me a PM ;-)
  9. The 7x3 has been sitting empty for a bit since the pbass moved into the pond so figured it was time for new inhabitants. Caught these guys the other week, they have settled right in and smashing feeders. Biggest is probably 45cm, first natives I've kept in a long time. Will move them to the pond with the florida gars when I find some more exotics to put in the tank...bichirs anyone?
  10. I have the list of species that are likely to be added to the QLD noxious list when the Biosecurity Bill/Act is finalised. The list still hasn't gone out for public consultation but even if everything on it is added there is nothing on there that anyone needs to be worried about, most aren't even in the country. I'm gonna give Danni a ribbing for ya Cogs :-)
  11. Looks like it. Going back and reading the article I think they meant it's a new species as it has now been formally described (S. inscriptus) rather than being newly discovered.
  12. Isn't that just a nami green? They've been around for more than a few years overseas.
  13. Looks good. I had 3 pairs of ocellaris spawning at about 14 months old in my pool so they are definitely capable well before 2yrs old.
  14. Congrats, my mate just had pups from his leo x motoros as well.
  15. Used to see lots of ID sharks, all would be getting fairly large nowadays.
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