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  1. Thanks for that, I'll see how I go :-)
  2. Hi guys, I'll be moving house in a week and need to move a 4 foot tank and around 20 Malawi's. I'm only moving about 15 minutes up the road. Any recommendations for how to go about it? Or am I best paying a professional to do it? Cheers Don
  3. Hey mate, afra likoma! That's the one, thanks heaps. And yeah I got the albino greshaki. Very nice fish too, thanks fir the tip. Glad to hear the mbamba are going well. How's everything else? I'll have to come round and check I out
  4. Hey guys, A few months ago when I was stocking my display tank I picked up something which was not on my list and for the life of me I can't remember what it is. It's a sweet little fish and I'd love to know. This is him:-
  5. Thanks for the advice guys. Think I'll let nature take it's course. Who knows, I may end up with a nice lookng fish out of it - and don't worry, I'd never sell a cross-breed Intesting theory on the sex change thing though. She's by far the smallest in a tank with ~20 males so maybe it was as you say.
  6. Hey guys, I sold all my breeding colonies 6 months or so ago and am down to one display tank. I thought all the inhabitants were male, but it turns out my Demasoni is female. Yesterday I noticed she had a protruding egg vent and then within a couple of minutes she was getting it on with one of my other fish - can't remember what it is Afra Cobue maybe? Anyways, she's holding now. What do I do? I'm thinking I'll just let her hold to term and then have the others pick the fry off. Or is there something else you can recommend?
  7. Good luck with the move Brad, and thanks heaps for all the help/advice you've given me over the last couple of years. Good to see the shop is still running as well
  8. Whatever you choose it's going to look sweet. That is one lovely setup
  9. Wow!! Can't believe they can survive for that long :perplex: Thanks for the tip. How long should I leave everything before it is safe to re-stock after bleaching?
  10. I've had a big problem with those cone-shaped snails in my 4ft tank and I've decided to strip the tank and start again in an effort to rid myself of them. Basically my plan is this:- Strip everything out of the tank - gravel, rocks, plants etc - and hose the tank down completely then leave to dry outside for a couple of days. Strip the canister filter and internal power head, hose them all down, get rid of any visible traces of snails and leave them outside in the sun for somewhere between 2-4 weeks. The theory being that surely any snails or eggs will not survive exposure to sun and no water for so long. Likewise leave all rocks outside for 2-4 weeks. Once that is all done I plan on putting it all back together and starting from scratch. Does this sound like a feasible way to get rid of these things? And can anyone think of anything else I've missed or should do? Or is there anything that sounds like it is a bad idea? Thanks guys Don
  11. Sweet. My flatmate has a marine tank and the moonlight effect on his metal halide is just stunning. I'm seriously considering doing that on my next big project (6 x 2 x 2.5)
  12. I really like the way you've got that lit. What are you using?
  13. Nice video mate. Your setup looks great, and some beautiful fish in there
  14. No man, just sprayed straight onto it
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