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    Coffs Harbour local for my whole life.
    Love keeping and breeding africans.
    Fishing for natives (freshwater ) is my passion
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    I am a money ***** ( i will do anything if you pay me enough)

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  1. Been a while Ray. Thanks cheers grover i got a couple of pinks ill get some pics up soon.
  2. Hi everyone My name is Lockie aka Jimbozed 3 years ago roughly, i lost all my fishroom stock to an unfortunate mishap. I was Gutted. The room has been running since with only a couple of tenants, a giant gourami and a turtle Today i picked up a couple of steatocranus casuarius and started again. by weeks end i will have some A.Calvus , Multies and L397 plecs. Im up and away again. Hi to all my old friends and to everyone else.
  3. Hi Everyone, Its been a long time since i was active here, but ive still continued in the hobby. Although other interests and life happens. My fishroom is still operating, Although an accident relating to human error means i lost all my fish including my Burundi colony and wild caught moba about 12 months ago. I still have a couple of fish but the tank system still chugs on. My room. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/aquarium-projects-diy-journals-11/fish-room-project-5216/ I was doing a cleanup a few months back and thought id give a cheer for my grundfos circulation pump. I put a power meter just on the fish room back on 01/07/2008, it had only 50 kwh on the dials. Note the dates on the fishroom door I took this pic on 21/08/2015, 27095 kwh Thats over 7 years. Aside from power outages and some tank maintainance, it has Run NON-STOP. It has never missed a beat, never been serviced ,never been looked at in all that time. And still running strong. What great investment that was. Cheers
  4. This room is looking awesome, nice work Cant wait to see more pics
  5. well done Russ, congrats and great work bristlenosejohn
  6. happy birhtday mate long time no chat hope you have a wonderful day.

  7. How long is a piece of string?? I once had a log im my tank tied down with a piece of cement for a couple of months before it stopped floating, you never know. try to weigh it down with a rock, yeah
  8. hey mate, i cleaned up the tanks big time after you left, its good to talk to someone with the same interest , inspired me to get off my ass

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