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  3. drain and replace :frog: :frog: you will only have to drain maybee 1/2 the water for the gap to close but it will take a couple days for the new piece to set in place before refilling, so your will need some sort of filtration to operate at the low water level for a while
  4. good work, i had look in for a while and seemed to go really well well done mate
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  7. looks great, perfect myself, i like to put the dacron on the top, you have to chuck it out and replace it every month but. It works great to keep the bulk out of the filter. BUT, each to his own, easy to try both ways, your choice
  8. bit off track but a good read http://fins.actwin.com/mirror/begin-chem.html#altering
  9. i like 2 holes (25mm fittings) one at the surface and one deep (with hole to prevent syphon) These are fitted without using a proper bulk head cause they are old pics from back when i didnt have any but you get the idea
  10. my jagers are great, outlasted all my other heaters no 1 in my book
  11. http://www.monsterfishkeepers.com/forum ... y+overflow
  12. i think i only payed like 400 for mine new, you could prolly find one cheaper if you shopped around
  13. like aussie says, open the pump end and make sure the impellor spins freely first if the cap is the problem you will find the motor should get warm if left plugged in for a few minutes even though it doesnt pump
  14. mine has stopped once after some power outages and brown outs the problem was the Start capacitor (battery lookin thing under the cover)if this is faulty the motor will not start in any speed, the wiring can look a bit confusing inside the cover if you dont know what you lookin at take the pump to your local pump shop, they should be able to check the cap and replace it for you. Electricity can hurt, dont mess with it if you arent sure what you are doing i have some schematics and stuff here somewhere, ill see if i can find them
  15. LMAO GRUMMIE sits a in paridise suckin down rum and watchin the world go by.
  16. Agree, thats what i been doin for years, works great ALSO, dont forget you can paint the bottom of your tanks as well, all my tanks that dont have substrate are painted black on the bottom, seems to make the fish more cumfy...lol
  17. C moorii (malawi blue dolphin) will live happily with fronnies
  18. Sump size- 3x18x20 services two 6x18x20 tanks A- bio balls and coarse sponge B- coral and filter wool C- coral D- Heaters E- pump
  19. PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING Okie dokie There has been a lot of discussion and questions about sumps lately So i thought i would start a thread just for sump pics. Post a pic of your sump here, list some details ( size, pump, media etc) Please don't post any questions JUST pics, if you have any queries regarding somebody's sump set up, please PM them or start a thread in the DIY & Technical section. NON picture posts and such will be removed from this thread.
  20. i haven't used one of those,but i have a couple of top filters and they work very very well.
  21. amazing shots, well done ill have to get me a speedlite , makes a big difference
  22. Just a quik note RE this pic never put valves on return pipes, restricting flow on a return pipe will inevitably cause problems like main tank overflowing or pump running dry. A ball valve can be used on the pump outlet to control flow and tank water level.
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