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  1. hmmmm seems to be some dispute now it seems longfin is another word for veil tail When i had angels veil tails had an intricate lace pattern through fins there are some they call super veil tails aswell but seems to be veil tail is used now for all longfin angels Pete
  2. Hi depends on many things Im currently growing 15 fronts and have some b/nose in the tank when the fronts get bigger the bnose will be bigger also, but if a front decides to eat it yeah they will have a go. As christmas said depends on tank and hidey holes for bnose. When the fronts get bigger and start breeding you will probably find you will need to rehouse the bnose. Because a you wont want small hidey holes (fronts when breeding love to move stuff around and may crush the bnose) and some fronts get super agro when breeding. So fine when growing em up just keep and eye when fronts get to decent size Pete
  3. Firstly, welcome to the forum this is a great forum with lots of advice and helpful members. I dont keep marine myself, but would recommend you put something in the marine section and maybe chat in the chat room when you see people in there Yes this forum will save you money and give good advice. hope you stay and become superactive Peter (smiley)
  4. Hmmmm if i was admin for a day I would like a decent chat room back up somewhere people could go say hi and ask questions and get imediate feedback the old chat room was good, but it will always need people to check in and say Hi. I used to run give aways and auctions and stuff from the chat room
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  6. talapia buttekoferi took about 5 layers of skin in perfect circle out of middle of my arm when i moved hes rock bled like hell pete
  7. Any l333's for sale?

  8. almost impossible to sex angels externally you have to wait till they drop tubes to breed i know some who can have an educated guess based on arch on back thickness of forehead etc but no gteed ways pete
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. i personally have found the pale long fins to be extremely soft the nice darker golden color ones much stronger and more robust sorry to hear about the loss pete
  11. i never used jets as such i just made holes in the pipe to adjust the flow the smaller holes were closer to inlet so rather than water being pushed out in a few places it can be dispersed more evenly pete
  12. not sure about the jets but it used to be called reverse undergravels works great normally ive used conduit and made like s shapes around the tank drill holes so it points in many directions and hook to outlet of filter this has the benefit of keeping gravel superbly clean but a couple of draw backs 1 you need super strong filter the filter will have to pump the return back through gravel 2 any fish that dig will expose the pipes and will render useless 3 you need to find just the right sized holes and the right number so as to work properly without making huge back pressure or making holes too big to be blocked but if done right is fantastic way of doing it peter
  13. lol yes the boyscout auction was cancelled i did post something up to advise people thanks again to all those who offered help pete
  14. nice ones wonder where you got the good stock from lol yeah theyre looking close to starting peter
  15. its a shame when the fish are obviously sub par shame the seller didnt talk to you a bit better and i agree not a lot of value in nameing then as that normally turns into a name calling competition but if i had to say someone it would be RAYCAM lol hes getting out of fish and therefor clearing dodgey stock lol dont call me names Ray or i will post those pics hmmmmmmmm pete now a dodgey L numb might have been me tk goodness i sold off the last of my malformed elec yellow a couple of days ago lol
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