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  1. beautiful pics rebeky23 i'll throw in some of my kids my little angel my little man and my two together someone likes to smile for the camera haha (often wonder if she's possessed...)
  2. that's what I thought aussie & that's what I bought them as. but many people who see the top image think think they look like marbles. their appearances change each photo and their colours change from a light brown to a near black, it's odd. but not unusual i presume?
  3. Just to lighten the mood! I have a real "identify my fish" for you guys, I have spoken with a few QLDAF members (I appreciate their advise though, and don't mind what they call my fish cos at the end of the day.. its still a fish) I have a pic on my profile of of my bristlenose. The question is.... marble or common?
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  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. beer... unless it's enough cash to buy a carton of beer...
  7. is the water aerated? my fish had exaggerated breathing once but it was due to someone accidently knocking out all my airstones...and if they have white fungus type disease going on, a good broad spectrum should fix that, I got fish with fin rott, lost the lot, and to top it off they infected my healthy top dwellers, I learnt my lesson, always quarantine fish before putting them in the main tank
  8. that's epic! looking forward to seeing the end result
  9. They are amazing, I love 1, 5, 6 and 7... scrap that.. I like them all lol Thanks for sharing the link
  10. Just fixed up my two tanks, thought i'd put current pics I took of them today, as the nursery one was taken a few months ago If I had the money i'd make schmick looking tanks until then, basic. My main tank (all bristle nose and just guppy fry) Fry tank
  11. Absolutely stunning tank, I'm jealous!
  12. thanks guys I was just ashamed because everyone elses fish are pretty much colourful/rare/expensive breeds, not just plain ol common BNs . I never planned to breed. but my fish decided otherwise (only 6 bns and a troop of tiny guppy fry in my main tank, doesn't look all that active atm). Just got a little more drift wood (at extortion prices!) and going to get more weed to pretty it up for them soon. not to sound like a spaz, but yay finding nemo just started lol >_< found him
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