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  1. At the moment I have black/brown cherry, rilis and some golden bees.
  2. Possibly add a chiller once needed but kinda don't want a system that's going to draw to much power. Just toying with ideas really. Thinking a sump might not be the way to go as all tanks will be the same conditions. Think I might look into maybe 2 4 ft with some dividers every ft. With a stainless steel window in each so I can run one heater and a sponge filter in each.
  3. cheers guys, just weighing up my options at the moment. aw ok didn't know if the plastic would have an effect on the water might order one and give it a test think there only $9.50 so wouldn't hurt. defs going to invest in some ss strainers think i need some now for my hang on filters that are on my nanos. yeah was thinking led to as i want it to be as energy efficient as possible. was toying with the idea of running a system like this on purely solar well all but the heater but think the initial outlay isn't worth what you save.
  4. Thanks mate...um it's just a single t8 I had lying around all it has on it is jad white.
  5. quick update on the tanks. have separated the berried black/choc females into there own tank. also have added 10 rills and a 3 golden bee shrimp to the last tank thanks to daydream. started using ial's on sunday and since the shrimp seem to be a lot more active don't know if thats a coincident or not lol
  6. Hi Guys thought id share some pics of a setup i found well looking for low tech low cost breeding setups came across this setup used for guppys . was wondering peoples thoughts and would a slightly modified version of it work well for selective breeding shrimp? the modifications i would make is ditch the sponge filters and put a sump at the bottom so i could run a single heater or chiller. change the plastic containers they have used on the top two rows to ones i have found through a supplier to 6mm clear heavy duty food grade containers( that a nearly perfect 1 ft cubes supplier assures can be used for anything but freezing) and probably not so large as i am limited for space. maybe only 3 or 4 tanks long. and add the addition of hang on breeder tanks to the fronts of the tubs to keep the breeding stock in. link to page i found it on Guppy Breeding Set-Ups - Page 2 cheers for looking
  7. thanks guys... um thinking of maybe getting some yellows or blues and some rilis. then possibly venture into crs once i upgrade or get more tanks. haha yeah my bad i mean subwassertang.
  8. Thanks....yeah there individually filtered each tank has a little hang on filter.
  9. hi guys after a few years away from aquariums thought it was time to dust of a few nano tanks and set up a few shrimp only tanks. main goal was to test the waters with 3 basic set-ups and start with some cherries and go from there. hopefully down the track upgrade to maybe one or two 4ftx1x1 dived into 4 tanks but thought id start small so if all fails haven't blown to much $. feel free to give advice as I'm a complete noob to shrimp. tanks: 2 30cmx15x15 and 1 that is a couple of cm bigger(these ware tanks i had laying around) filtration: hang on aqua one 100 on two tanks and cheap internal on the bigger one(will be swapped for hang on filter in next few days) substrate: fine gravel for now 25w heaters in all 1 4ft t8 fluro above the three tanks each tank contains drift wood, java moss, salwausi, needle java(in one tanks) and weeping moss 1 tank currently has some black/choc cherries cheers to daydream tanks were all setup using 100% water from a mature tropical setup from the parentals anyways enough talk heres end results
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