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  1. Should probably find out what fish they are before you decide to drag them home with you. Check the fisheries website for size and catch limits. Both are sooty grunters. How big is your tank? I hear they dont play too well with one another.
  2. Would have been happy to help but going to singapore on the 30th so wont be around sorry. Will try asking around to see if anyone can help though. Good luck!
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  5. [MENTION=11301]Lictoga[/MENTION] [MENTION=11301]Lictoga[/MENTION]
  6. Narcos has to be up there as one of my favorites, just finished the season. I will have to give The Knick a try as well. Running out of shows to watch
  7. Have you recently put in any new driftwood or anything like that?
  8. Did you have much issue with the devils and jags being introduced to the newer smaller fish? I want to try add my 11cm festae in with my group of 7-9cm freddies and festae but just don't know if I should until I powerfeed the smaller ones for a bit longer.
  9. That sounds like an awesome tank as well! Did you raise them all up from juvies together? Also have heard its around the 20cm mark when dovii can flick the switch but like you said, its all down to the individual fish.
  10. I look forward to seeing more posts from you if thats a taste of whats to come
  11. Same here mate, Americans are quite fun to keep. I am hoping to just get a pair of festae with dithers for a display tank but its tricky with a nasty fish. A dovii ticks all those boxes, just look at any youtube video and they look extremely entertaining. Will have to post some videos when he turns into a glass banger. What other americans have you played around with? I think you will be fine with them together for a little longer anyway, festae hold their own pretty well even when smaller.
  12. The opportunity to select your own fish for us to guess! What a dream
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