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  1. Didnt realise the severity of it. If its ongoing dont release a single thing relating to the case or will impact you. Dont need to apologise. hope it all works out for you mate.
  2. Would be a dream to produce something like this. I would even settle for catching a legal sized mutation.
  3. Can you pm me the scammers name? Just so I can avoid future interactions.
  4. Unfortunately a fair few people dont read rules or dont care enough to follow them so sale posts will always sneak their way through. A necessary evil indeed. A lot of young hobbyist wouldnt know about the forum as FB has all that they need in their eyes. So at least gives some the opportunity to visit the forum and have a gander. Even if only a small group signup its a win in my eyes. I have heard of a few reviews on some pages taking months to be looked at. I would imagine its not their major priority to review pages and that many get taken down so just is a slow process overall. As much as I hate to admit it, I used FB regularly. So I would consider putting my hand up to help out. I do work fulltime so I wont be on all day everyday.
  5. Yeah FB really destroyed a huge community of fish keepers haha. I remember when everyday would be flooded with posts (not just sales). Im glad to see less of the keepers trying to make a quick buck by breeding anything and everything. SHould be able to use the FB page to direct sales to the forum which should at least get some more members and activity going. The page just needs admin that turn post approval on. It makes it a little slower getting posts put on the page but will ensure these ridiculous rules are met.
  6. Thats awesome to hear. Sound like they have a really cool setup. Handy that you're mates with them! Keep em on the xmas card list. Yeah the feaste are just one of those mongrel fish that can be fine spawn after spawn and suddenly have enough. Went through same thing. Oh the roobios! I forget about being able to use that. are the IAL messy due to them breaking down quickish and making a mess or do you think their presence is the messy thing? But your blackwater has the perfect tannin look to me. Reminds me of all the amazon river docos I watch. Ill flick you a message on it. But I dont post any fish really unless I caught it on a rod hah. Thats really interesting about body transformation. So maroon and black are the main colours? Even outside of breeding dress? Its nice that they play well with others. Although doesnt surprise me that they have higher conspecies aggression. Will be interesting to see other differences as they progress. Did you own the temporalis before getting WC? Be good if there are a few pairs that end up floating about to ensure we get a heap of new blood getting around.
  7. The majority weren't crazy vibrant. ID say only about 15-20% were ones that could work as display males from memory. There were a couple i really wanted but was smart enough to realise i didnt have the tank space. Still a bunch of drab looking ones that still had red colour but not bright or consistent across body which visually I assumed female. I would say sizes were from 6-9cm in size. Was hard for me to tell with coloured animals as I havent used/experienced enhancers before. But would still say that there was a chance they were. But a few of the males I would have still taken the chance on.
  8. Shame about the male but might still be an opportunity to snap up some of the offspring once a few pairs have been chosen. I really like the fact that they dont just rely on wholesalers but understand quality and are breeding them themselves! Not finding them in the filter wool is a good sign! I did not enjoy finding mine in the media the poor buggers haha. Brine shrimp twice a day will have em huge in no time! Their colours already look insane for their size.. they should do nothing but improve with time as well. Your biotype would help them look as natural as possible. Love the way you have set it up. Always keen on photos so on insta or the forum keep us updated. I like to think they're purposely feeding their young when they flush food out from their gill covers. Makes me think of them as very caring beings. Having wild caught would just be very cool watching the most natural behavior possible. Bringing something exciting to the forum at a needed time. How have you found their behavior with other tank inhabitants (not their own species)? Were they more territorial before breeding started or lived peaceful enough to not concern you? What are your plans with the remaining H. Temporalis?
  9. I am not sure. I believe that different species have different reactions to certain genes. Say albino reptiles for example. Some take decades to be established (olives/spotted pythons) as they either die early or struggle breeding etc where the albino darwin python was more vigorous and took less work due to being overall a more healthy animal. Sorry for the constant reptile examples ha. Multifasciatus just seem to be one of the few xanthic animals that I have seen where the gene seems to be lethal longterm. Other examples like the one you mentioned don't seem to have anywhere near the same problems. I also thought that like albinos, xanthic animals eyes would be stripped of melanin and then become either damaged during the stripping process or become hypersensitive like albino animals. Having very poor vision when born and becoming blind as they age due to lighting/or natural deterioration etc. It also may have something to do with the condensed gene pool exacerbating the problem. Hard to tell when there is no outcrossing possible. Although years ago, I thought @Daharkazangel mentioned something about her male or female freddy fading and then developing natural colouration to some degree then fading again. So I may actually be wrong on that point as I cant seem to find it on the forum but it could have been on a FB group also. Oh I assumed since you got the Dovii that your bday must have already been. My bad! Look forward to seeing some more rare critters coming your way! The hobby has changed drastically. Not as many dedicated to preserving species etc. Its really cool being able to follow what youre doing. Has provided me much needed motivation. I wont even own any of the common Veija due to inbreeding. A few claim to have purebred ones but when they don't look anything like they typically should, paying $50-100 per fry is just taking the piss.
  10. Also.. I had a quick brisbane trip this weekend and popped into annerley aquarium. They seemed to have very red and vibrant 'albino peacocks' for sale. $45 a pop though. Was tempted to bring back a handful as their colours on some were insane.
  11. Have been a fan of your old pair since I saw them on your insta. Does labyrinth aquarium still have them and sell their fry? I am starting to sniff around again for festae growouts but only interested if I have seen the parents. Still have two males but would be keen to choose from a few females. I have attached a photo of my old pair. female was about 12cm or so at the time. Her barring was really nice and was developing red colouration with age but she certainly didnt live up the the RED terror name haha. Sorry about the old crappy iphone pics!! I would expect heightened aggression/defensiveness. Did you end up pulling any? I usually let the first spawn run its course just to observe their capabilities and not try and associate spawning with a intrusive/scary experience. Not sure if it has any benefit or not. I let my spawn free swim for a while until I realised they were being sucked up my filter -.- felt like a moron for not knowing why they were dying off haha. But This is a thread I am very keen on following. Cannot wait to see the the temporalis at full size.. their colours should be outstanding!
  12. Mine unfortunately didnt last long enough to confirm whether they were xanthic or not. My Festae broke through divider and got my young pair while I was away. Yeah I heard the last batch bought into Aus had xanthic fish and with big spawns it didnt take them long to flood the hobby. I am a huge morph guy. I love colour mutations. However, I dont believe its ethical to specifically breed animals that arent healthy. Unfortunately xanthic multifasciatus go blind and die early in most???? cases. Haven't seen many live too long. This is also one of the cases where I find natural coloration much nicer than the mutation. I am not sure if they were from your stock or not. My male had insane blues iridescent in his fins and general look was the same as your male posted. I will attach some photos of my male and female. It was maybe 6 years ago and she was 5-8cm. You can see size next to standard egg crate divider. Was gutted to find her headless haha. Was hoping the intense coloration at a young age would signify quality and not xanthic genetics.
  13. Shame about noticing deformities this early. Will free up some tank space for the future though haha. Hopefully having two batches from different spawns increases your chances of picking up some nice specimens. One problem with Americans is finding enough space to grow out your spawns and find the next generation. In regards to xanthic triggering, I would say its similar to that of the 'calico'/colour changer gene in reptiles in Australia (BHP/Olive pythons). They look like normal animals for the first few years of life and then begin to change after each shed. Sometimes its a slow change that takes many months/a year. Or can be pretty drastic change very quickly. People that have worked with the gene for many years still dont really understand the change. Most agreed on idea is that sexual maturity triggers the change. I have a feeling that the xanthic change is similar. As the freddys can revert back to normal colouring and then back again to xanthic. Black headed pythons have been observed to shed back to normal colours and then back again to its 'colour changer' form. Your collection is quickly becoming an aquarium I would pay a ticket to visit! Your friend knows you very well to get you Dovii as a gift. Happy belated birthday.
  14. Thanks for that. There used to be a shop that I wont name that apparently you could walk in and inquire about particular species you were looking for and they would appear a month later haha. I see the odd female salvini with colour but males are all grey/colourless with a speckle of blue spangling. Very sad to see. I have seen some really nice festae in a few collections but fry never get circulated and then the male of female gets killed and they disappear. Males tend to be nicer in Aus but females lack intensity in the red(if red at all)/terrible barring just to name a few problems. Deformities with their mouths are becoming an issue also. If you happen to hear about any new blood, particularly wild caught stuff of any species, id love to know. Happy to invest money and time bringing some quality animals back to the hobby like you will be doing. I also look forward to other behavioral differences that you notice in the wild caught vs captive animals. Its interesting that their first spawn was successful at a young age. I wonder if its due to being a wild animal and having those instincts hardwired into them and if captive bred lose that natural instinct over time. Generations of keepers pulling fry etc impacting innate abilities.
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