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  1. Had written out a lenghty response to your reply earlier Grover but my computer crashed and off it went so excuse the less detailed responses without links -.- With breeding season occurring during the dry period, have you been able to stimulate water level drops etc? Using milk crates tied say 40cm under the surface leading up to the season and then dropping the levels so the milk crate is almost at the surface? During the summer months the water drop should also help raise temps a bit? Agree with you though. There is a reason why they breed them in pairs in large ponds. If they could house multiple with success I am sure they would. Speaking of, using a fish safe net (if there is such a thing) could you separate a pair/trio into one section since your gallon to fish ratio is more than ample? I also agree with @Grubs goldfish and any sort of carp are terribly annoying if they think there is any action or food going on around them. Being chased off or nipped doesn't seem to put a dent in their spirits either. Although having a lot of cosmetic value for a pond, it may be having a negative effect in trying to breed the big boys. Its all very easy said than done sitting on the side-lines and throwing our two cents in. Particularly when you've probably heard all this many times before and read the same things we all have. Also like you said @Grover65k, the temps just don't remain as stable in Brisbane in comparison to their native range. IF you cant get the summer right I hope there is a chance. Would be an expensive setup putting a pair in an inside pond and having to heat that in Winter!
  2. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/calamvale/fish/different-types-of-bristlenose/1277865821 No LF on this ad but the guy who is selling has some of the best, if not the best, LF L144 I have seen in aus. Might be worth flicking him a message and asking.
  3. Only LF I have seen at $400 each and sold by a bloke called Nat but there is a waiting list i believe. Alan (one of the main blokes who got super reds out in numbers) is still working on his. Due to release soon but he wont let them go until the line is true. A fair few SF on gumtree. I have seen pairs/trios and juvies for sale fairly often over the last 2 months.
  4. I wanted a snake my whole life. I got one and then realised I was scared of being bit haha.
  5. As being completely unaware of GPG breeding. Is the typical practice single pairs? Is it due to eggs being eaten/nests disturbed/competition actually preventing pairing and spawning?
  6. 134's I see fairly often. L046 apart from a colony sold recently, I have not seen a lot of. On the app MeWe, the group Pleco Park is very active with L breeders. If interested, I will try send you a link to join it. Although I am not the most savvy with these new selling apps.
  7. Id hate to think how many hours I spent in that store. It was the first real fish store I ever stepped into and the variety blew me away after growing up in a 100 person town. Hope those guys are around for a long time. They do need to be a little more active on FB I agree!
  8. He runs an auction group of MeWe and also if you search the Kaleidoscope Guppys on fb you will find his page.
  9. Now thats getting me a little too excited
  10. Thought Id bring some shit chat into the forum for a laugh haha. But ask away! I have an immature mind and I VERY cleverly picked up anus in tandanus
  11. Would love to get a golden tanned anus
  12. Every time I see videos like this it makes me realise how awful I am at fishing,
  13. I am blown away with your dedication each time I open this topic. You are persistent! Do you have any suspicions as to why they are not breeding? Possibly goldfish being vacuums and sucking up any breeding attempt? Just seems strange that you haven't had more success throughout this process and boy do you deserve it! Any possible changes/techniques you'll try next in order to get them going? Either way, your pool is being utilised much more than most and you have a peaceful place to relax.
  14. Since I have seen a few posts lately with people looking for a few bits and bobs. I thought Id see if anyone has recently seen a species I used to work. As usual, you regret moving something on that you don't see again. Pseudotropheus flavus. This isnt a WTB ad. I had a small colony maybe 8 years ago from Jonas and the males were crackers. The barring was perfect on most and the yellow and black colouration was vibrant. I saw a few males a couple of years ago that didnt match that quality and that was the last time Ive seen them advertised. Is anyone still working with these? Or have they seen any floating about? Well hopefully swimming, not floating.
  15. A fellow Rockhampton keeper. Those kendalli and tretocephalus being local will make it hard to stay away from my self imposed African cichlid ban.
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