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  1. I nearly killed mine when i first got it. From under shade cloth to direct Rockhampton sun had it shell shocked. Didnt think about that once I got it home. But I have found mine has done well in half shade. Hasnt grown much height wise but has become very dense with shoots towards the base. Probably for the best since the fruit set on branches and trunk. Been checking out a few of your youtube vids and your property is looking mint. Nice collection you have. You'll never have to buy fruit again in a few years. How many acres do you have if you dont mind me asking?
  2. Haha I am sure it will generate a few laughs! I for one am looking forward to the footage 6 weeks has never felt so close yet so far away I imagine.
  3. Nice fruit trees mate! Cant wait to get on some land like that. I have been dabbling in trees after reading the quote the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is now. My 'rarer' stocklist is: Abiu Yellow Jaboticaba Green Sapote Mamey Sapote White Sapote Miracle Berry Icecream bean Blue Java Banana Canistel Kwai Muk Sapodilla Carambola Mexican Cream Guava Garcinia Intermedia Imbe All the rest that I have are more common varieties (figs/citrus/bananas/dragonfruit etc). Where do you keep you Jaboticaba? Full sun or part shade?
  4. Haha how'd you go moving the eels? Surely Sarah recorded you trying to wrangle them! Have you figured out your stocklist for the predator? That will be a sick tank when it is up and running to view. I think a freshwater moray or file snake is what I will dip my toes in with first before I look at saltwater. The size and personality of a saltwater moray cant be beaten though.
  5. Also your doviis are nice examples of the speices mate. People wont be disappointed picking up those fry.
  6. Depends what you're looking for. Apistos and Amercian cichlids have had some crackers appear recently. Trimacs, black nastys, Paretroplus menarambo are some of the big ones for me. Some Panda Uaru should hopefully be breeding this year as well. Also WC Chocolates came in last year and F1's are starting to be distributed. It is a shame the beani never ended up being distributed. Africans I feel have been on the steady decline for the last decade. A few people are working with some special species but customers dont seem too interested in the rarer stuff. Getting rid of my flavus colony is one of my biggest regrets, along with turning down an afra hara group 10 years ago. Seeing the 'afra hara's' that are around now is a sad sight. There seems to be a lot less margin for the 'importers' to bring in Africans. All exotics and the occasional American. Hopefully there is a resurgence in quality fish being conserved in the future.
  7. Both the eel tank (super jealous of) and this reef one are incredible. Really want to take the plunge into marine after seeing it. Most be nice to sit and watch.
  8. I cant remember if it was on petlink but I saw some earlier this year. May have only been fry but I have seen them around every now and then. Ill try dig around.
  9. I keep snakes and some weirdly aggressive blue tongues. Avoiding bites at all times is my priority. Not looking forward to the first time my snake gets me haha. I would say that the Moray would be a little nastier. I could see them twisting after biting, those teeth look longer than any GTP or RSP teeth I have seen and that second set of jaws could come and whack you for a double whammy hahah. I look forward to your moving video. I saw one with a freshwater eel tank change and that looked like a headache ha. Hope it goes smoothly for you.
  10. Yeah not a bite I would even like to take the chance of receiving.
  11. Never liked short bodies. I can somewhat see the appeal on large species due to potentially needing smaller tanks for them but I personally wouldn't own one. You cant tell me that it doesnt negatively effect the internal organs of fish. Or create uncomfort with spinal curves etc. As humans with curved spines are always in a great deal of pain. I know fish pain and human pain isnt a fair comparison but I think it still holds some value. The "super short" body stuff that is basically a head and a tail. Fantails and colour I dont have a problem with as health wise doesnt have an issue. But there is a line for me as some goldfish varieties I do not agree with but others I think are fine. Agree on the genetically modified stuff also.
  12. A nice native style tank. Lungfish, Fresh water morays, A Pig Nose Turtle. Dont have to worry about land as they are fully aquatic.
  13. Welcome to the site! Feel free to share more about what you're keeping!
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