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  1. All good mate! I think we all knew it was an honest mistake since Bill, Steve, and myself knew what you meant.
  2. Steve is pointing out that you meant l002 not l202. Now it was probably a typo but I imagine you haven't gone back to check it. No one has been trying to say you're wrong necessarily about the L397 not being pure or a different L number. More a pickup that its L002 you're trying to compare it with, not the l202 you typed. Odin man it might be a little more effective to not get your knickers in a knot and resort immediately to insults and passive aggression. The forum needs people with knowledge and am aware that you possess it. However, knowledge is of no use if you cant communicate it and share it! We are all looking forward to what you'll share with all of us going forward now that you are back but a debate is a lot healthier than an argument, it gets us no where. We are all here because we enjoy the hobby. Its about the fish and not about the egos. No one cares who has the bigger horse.
  3. Yeah far too quiet. He may have got sick of being the ones carrying this forum for so long haha. Hope all is well, Raycam.
  4. They havent been online since August. So might take a while to see this haha.
  5. Haha I feel bad for the first fry I bred that ended up going through the filter I actually saw a young sewellia lineolata for sale this weekend. It was quickly sold but I will get some details to you in your inbox and maybe they can let you know if they breed/sell anymore.
  6. Yeah big fine indeed using a cast net in freshwater. Please use legal methods for trapping.
  7. Haha how unusal, normally albinos arent as vigorous. There shouldnt be any throwbacks with an abino x albino pairing. As viasually all offspring will be albino. Albino to 100% hetrozygous will result in 50/50 albino and het split and het x het results in 25% albino, 50% nonvisual hets, 25% normals. 'Throwbacks' seem to come from multiple male tanks where a normal or het male sperm gets to an egg. Gutted for you that that happened man, I cannot imagine the pain of losing that many animals during a typical water change. Particularly when not in your control. I know a few people that lost a multitude of animals after the floods when the water from the taps had higher chemical/mineral concentrations. Wish you all the success with them this time round mate. Hope you can source more and particularly the albinos. If I ever come across more I will flick you a message.
  8. How are fish swaps over selling a practical way forward? If I have two tanks and I have 2 breeding pairs of large American cichlids, I am not at all interested in swapping for mbuna, goldfish, guppys or any other fish. I am looking to move on fry. Most people dont have fish rooms nor the ability to house a multitude of species requiring different parameters. Both selling and trading is an integral part of the hobby, whether people like it or not. Agree with fish rooms. Unless familiar with someone I wouldn't really want strangers coming over. It is sad as I met a few people that welcomed me inside their home to show me their pride and joys. I spent hours talking about fish with strangers in their home like we had known each other forever and learnt a great deal. As a younger person then, it meant more to me than those kind people can ever know. There is a lot of high quality fish making it into the country in recent years. Some fish 10 years ago I could only dream about keeping. The fish hobby has continued to grow, just the forums as a whole are struggling to keep up against social media. Even with fb banning sales, many still haven't recovered.
  9. I look forward to some tank spam when you get round to uploading some photos. Wish you nothing but success with your new fishroom. What are you currently keeping/breeding?
  10. I have seen them sold around in aus from time to time for the last 15 years. So there should be some around still. Was it you that first bred the albinos? I remember when they were first released. I think at the time (2014-2015?) it was the first reported albinos for the species in the world. Haven't seen the albinos since as there wasnt a whole lot of interest for them unfortunately. Felt bad for whoever bred them as its not often you're the first to breed an albino of any species. Really hope someone still has them hidden away somewhere.
  11. It never crossed my mind to see with composted manure. Thats a great idea. Glad to see you're still working with some of our cracking natives.
  12. Guppies are a nice and easy start. I feel like the sun helps their colours pop as well! Do you have any other plans other than the guppies over Summer? What do you do with your excess? No real plans mate. I have a 5 foot by 2 foot pond that is stocked with swordtails, guppies, snails and cherry shrimp all year round. All are eating by my critically endangered manning river turtles so its nothing fancy, just there to keep them healthy and breeding year round. Winter does slow things down considerably. I have set up a smaller outside one just to grow 6 species of aquatic plant as they don't last too long in my tanks. So I interchange or propagate my own to keep a steady supply.
  13. Winning the internet is about understanding algorithms and having an effective SEO strategy with content of value. There is a lot of knowledge on here with current members and previous posts of old members and discussions. If I have time, I will attempt to drive some traffic via Australian fish keeping subreddits etc. But I remember 5-10 years ago going through the classifieds daily to see what was on offer. So when we all have stuff we are looking to trade and move on, we should take the time to whack an ad up here. Its easy enough for me to talk about how to help, but if I dont contribute to the solution, its just words. Its just a shame I got out of fish a few years ago. But once spring is here I should have a variety of aquatic plants to offload.
  14. Being somewhat part of the younger generation. I am 27 now :/ I can say we will struggle with poaching and retaining members from other sites. Instagram/fb etc make the sharing and access to information much simpler. Even google will be able to address most of your concerns at a much faster speed than posting on a forum for the first time and receiving 3 welcome to the forum messages over the first day or two until someone replies with something meaningful. I have been using this forum for many years. I am also not very active in terms of posting. But I do miss the days of using the chat and talking to quite a few of the members regularly. Its sad to see the fall but I cant see it ever going back to its glory days. I took a break from the site for a year or so a while back and when I came back on it was the same few members posting as it was the last time I was here. It was nice seeing familiar names but sad there wasnt really anything new. New members sign up but they dont seem to hang around. I agree with you about supporting hobbyists. I miss the days I traded for fish. Visited fishrooms and finally have people I could talk endlessly about fish with. I met a lot of wonderful people but this stopped being a place to sell for some reason. I believe that is the key to generating traffic back. When googling 'bristlesnose for sale' or 'oscars for sale australia' etc etc only gumtree ads and stores pop up. If we had more livestock ads then people would start finding this site more and seeing some extra value in joining. With gumtree no longer being free and fb banning animal sales, this surely gives qldaf a little advantage in taking back its rightful market share
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