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  1. I keep snakes and some weirdly aggressive blue tongues. Avoiding bites at all times is my priority. Not looking forward to the first time my snake gets me haha. I would say that the Moray would be a little nastier. I could see them twisting after biting, those teeth look longer than any GTP or RSP teeth I have seen and that second set of jaws could come and whack you for a double whammy hahah. I look forward to your moving video. I saw one with a freshwater eel tank change and that looked like a headache ha. Hope it goes smoothly for you.
  2. Yeah not a bite I would even like to take the chance of receiving.
  3. Never liked short bodies. I can somewhat see the appeal on large species due to potentially needing smaller tanks for them but I personally wouldn't own one. You cant tell me that it doesnt negatively effect the internal organs of fish. Or create uncomfort with spinal curves etc. As humans with curved spines are always in a great deal of pain. I know fish pain and human pain isnt a fair comparison but I think it still holds some value. The "super short" body stuff that is basically a head and a tail. Fantails and colour I dont have a problem with as health wise doesnt have an issue. But there is a line for me as some goldfish varieties I do not agree with but others I think are fine. Agree on the genetically modified stuff also.
  4. A nice native style tank. Lungfish, Fresh water morays, A Pig Nose Turtle. Dont have to worry about land as they are fully aquatic.
  5. There is a few people on FB that I know that might be able to help. Not sure of anyone on here.
  6. Welcome to the site! Feel free to share more about what you're keeping!
  7. What a group. Good luck with sale mate.
  8. Looks like it was bitten or torn it against an object. Good sized shark as well.
  9. Missed out on marks recent trip to brisbane haha. You getting a few of the plats/golds/'pandas' ? Be very cool to breed them all. I am in Rockhampton. I get car sick so car trips aren't something I get too excited about
  10. Has the tank been empty for an extended period of time? If so, I would recommend getting advice/pay someone to reseal the tank. A nice sized tank to start off with mate! I've only been using sponge filters for the last few years so wont suggest anything in that area. I will wait for some of the other keepers to join the discussion.
  11. House deposit secured if all goes well Congrats mate! You must be stoked you've got them figured out. Keep us updated as they grow.
  12. I cant offer much more than any of the others have but I will say I do not miss drinking Roma bore water. Spent a decade in the Yuleba/Roma area and if I was a fish I wouldnt want to be swimming in it haha. If your tank is cycled you wouldnt need to do such large water changes so often. Would reduce workload filling buckets up from a tap (thats how I do water changes) so will be less daunting. I usually do 20-30% weekly at the most. I use a lot of plants and tank is well established so it handles itself very well. 8 oscars and a gold spot will be a large bioload in a 4 foot in the coming months so I would look at either getting a larger tank or rehoming some of the oscars. 8 full size oscars will be a handful unless you have a large tank.
  13. Pictures of the fry were recently posted on FB. Without permission I wouldn't post any of them. I believe labyrinth aquarium got some of the juvies but not sure if they were for sale as I havent seen any photos of them advertising.
  14. Have you though about racking that you find at bunnings? Maybe not as easy on the eye but is a cheap alternative. I have not setup a racking system with plumbing before so I wouldnt be the best to ask. But I imagine a pump would get the water to the top tier tanks. There are some knowledgeable people who should be able to help you out with that side of things. I attached a screenshot of the section DIY is to help you navigate. Also, there is a search bar up the top right hand side. If your search key words like specific fish species or plumbing it should bring up some helpful content from previous posts to help you on your quest.
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