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    2x murry river short necks, 2 x saw shell turtles, 3 x water dragons , 1 x red devil , 1 X chocolate ciglid , 1 x gold sevruim and lots of koi
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    fish , camping , water skii
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    construction inspector
  1. hi mate you mentioned that you have a boat for a pond too we would love to see pics of it if you could please

  2. Hi one of my guppies was pregnant when i got her about 4 weeks ago and is STILL pregnant she is soooo fat she looks like she's going to pop lol can someone tell me what the normal pregnancy is for a guppie the other pregnant girls I got gave birth last week ?
  3. Tanks for your help everybody its a slow climb back to normal but I havnt lost Eny fish and even had another birth the fry are doing well still doing water changes and using stability for a seven day treatment and prime with the water changes and so far it working I'm also going to put another 20ltof water from the turtle tank in at water change today the fish shop said I have cleaned my tank to hard and it went into bacterial bloom thanks for your help again fingers crossed my tank is 80Lt and should I use salt and how much and how often I have a box of epsom salt in the cupboard is that ok to use ?
  4. My tank is 70lt and what kind of salt is best ? And I use prime and are now going to replace 20 lt with water from my turtles tank its been cycleing great for a long tine now , see how that goes !
  5. I use prime and I just did a 50% water change and added some stability today it still looks cloudy and some of my fish are a bit slugish the fish man I use thinks it might be the bio cycle I guess ill just keep doing water changes and using stability and keep my fingers crossed I don't lose fish while the tank settles down and cycles again ????????? Eny other ideas ?????
  6. Internal filter and yes I think you might be right what can I do to help my fish and get my tank back to normal ?
  7. My tank is cloudy and the ammonia keeps going up I have done a water change yesterday and today about 50% both times my fish are all at the top of the tank I have fry in the tank I don't want to lose please help I have used prime when 8 did the water change and cycle still not good
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