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  1. Yeah leaning towards that way, can i put any other natives with them or are they too small? thought about a blue cray fish still need to get my information right before i jump in i think haha
  2. Hey guys, Haven't had a tank up and running for a while, have just moved into a new house and am keen to get back into it. Just unsure of what to get, i want something display was thinking natives or africans. Nothing to high maintainance but in saying that wouldn't mind it semi planted. Africans aren't the cleanest however also want some colour... (won't be planted if africans) If anyone has any opinions would really appreciate it. Cheers Jesse
  3. Okay thanks I'll have a look around for a 3fter in that case Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I posted yesterday about some fish for a 2ft tank and I was suggested to get some spotted blue eyes but I think I ma be getting alitte bigger around 80-100 litre and wanting it to be semi planted I love the look of some of the rainbows I have seen but am unsure of the names. Would you guys recommend having rainbows in a tank like this? if so what species? It is going to be a display tank so wanting a lot of colour. Thank Jesse
  5. Hi guys haven't had a running tank in a while now but am wanting to get something nice and simple to look after like a 2fter with stand light and hood however I'm unsure of what to put in there. I would like something colourful, easy to look after and that aren't vicious. I was thinking maybe a little native set up? If anyone has any ideas would greatly appreciate!! Jesse Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. i am new to oscars so dont no a huge amount about them, what do i need to know? can i have few tank mates with them? any information would be appreciated! Thanks
  7. yeah they seem fine now after the light being on for a while
  8. hi guys,i went to turn my tank light on tonight and all of my fish have darker colours, shy and less energetic, i have not had my light on for the past 2 days s i have been away is this the reason? will everything turn out alrght?
  9. Caught some of these guys today, threw them back but what are they?
  10. hey guys, just curious any places on the gold coast or around that may have empre gudgeons?
  11. havent had big fish before,always had small so i think i may go with the oscar and JD. Any other suggestions for big fish
  12. yeah thought about that, catfish?
  13. hi guys, im trying to con my parents into letting me set up a 5 ft display, what would look nice? i was thinking like a couple of oscars but what else?
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