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  1. I wouldn't recommend any Galaxias unless you have a chiller added to your tank, assuming you live in SEQ. There are Galaxias native to Qld namely the Galaxias olidus (Mountain Galaxias) and Galaxias maculatus (common galaxias). You find both in the upland cooler streams towards Toowoomba, although olidus is in the Condamine system, while maculatus hangs out in the Gold Coast upper catchments (although, I have never actually caught any myself). maculatus is actually spread around the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans being amphidromous. I assume that Spotted Galaxias are Galaxias truttaceus, and if they are, they are a truly gorgeous fish - which I saw my very first live ones at the 2019 ANGFA Convention in Melbourne. But those guys do prefer it being below 25 degC all the time. Just be aware that this is one of the larger Galaxiads (for Australia, NZ ones get bigger) and will grow up to 12". There are some ANGFA members in Victoria who keep them, but they aren't very common in the hobby.
  2. #3 is a M. trifasciata (https://rainbowfish.angfaqld.org.au/Trifas.htm) of some type (I'd suggest a Wonga Crk - but can't really tell). And it's got TB going by the mark on the upper left hand side flank unfortunately. #5 is a "Macc" as noted above (although technically Skull Crk varieties have been shifted into M.sahulensis). ta Graeme
  3. As Novice pointed out above - they are a "Macc" of some nature - perhaps M.sahulensis - https://rainbowfish.angfaqld.org.au/sahulensis.htm They don't look like M. maccullochi - but in saying that - they could be females - https://rainbowfish.angfaqld.org.au/Maccull.htm Ta Graeme
  4. Something to consider is that in order to heat 1 litre of water by 1 degree, 4,186 watt seconds (Ws), or 1.163 Watt hours (Whr) is required. So for this set up, the wattage (300W) and liters (600l) are known, so over 24 hours, the temperature rise can be calculated as ~14 degrees C from ambient (assuming zero losses - ie/ the tank system losing temperature into a colder room around it etc. etc).
  5. Out of interest, the Medo pump that I mentioned above in 2009 is still going strong in 2015 today :-)
  6. I got into the hobby thanks to my Dad who always had a dream of keeping and breeding Discus but never quite could do it, thanks to the regular moves that being in the RAAF forced on us. My first experiences that I can recall were looking at all the weird and wonderful things being bred in Malaysia when we were stationed over there in the 70's. Then I received my first tank (and 18" er) into which went all sorts of in appropriate things. But around Butterworth (again still in Malaysia) where all these creeks and paddy fields - and all the fantastic things we caught that I never ever saw until much later here in Australia - such as golden panchax, snakeskin gouramis, croaking gouramis, weird bettas that we called "Thai fighters" as nobody knew what they were, and lots of odd rasbora like things. Coming back to Australia I still had the "burn" so to speak and decided to stick to west African cichlids (kribs and the like). That was until 1990 when I went along to the now defunct Pet and Hobby Expo and there was ANGFA with a display of newly discovered Red-finned blue eyes. And all the other stunning fish from around Queensland and PNG. There was rhads from straddie, blue eyes from Cairns, Bosemani from PNG. I was hooked (and I'm in debt to Aquatic7 above who helped transport a poor student to/fro ANGFA meetings in Brisbane from Ippy). And since then I've been a member and locked myself into natives all the way (mostly rainbows and gertrudae), as well as getting into the activism side of things to save our waterways - and travelling the country side looking into all and sundry waterholes. Met a lot of great people thanks to this hobby. Some even on this very list :-). And looking forward to continuing to get the message out there to preserve our water ways and the many and varied things (including H.sapiens sapiens) that depends on them. cya Graeme
  7. I can second Gary Maher. Ta Graeme
  8. Technically he was talking about Komodo Dragons and a trip to Komodo Island (at least his first talk). 2nd talk from him was about his recent work in the NT with landscaping tanks and aquaria. Auction had 8 different lots (ie/ different people) and 10 boxes/bags/buckets. Ta Graeme
  9. These videos were certainly well received at ANGFA Peter. Ta Graeme
  10. Hardyhead - Craterocephalus stercusmuscarum fulvus
  11. I've purchased the entire set including all the reptiles and frogs etc. Excellent quality - beautiful pics. Can highly recommend them as they are very, very cheap! Ta Graeme
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