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  1. I had a second hand one running non stop for about 8 years. No idea how old it was when I got it. Never had a problem. It had three speeds and occasionally I'd change the speed. I sold it in working condition 2 or 3 years ago all working fine. If I went back to having a rack system I would buy one of these every time. Wouldn't even investigate an alternative.
  2. Looks good. How many tanks and how many litres total?
  3. I've got a 6x2x2.5 that I spray painted with matt black over 10 years ago and no flaking or problems. There's a scratch there from moving the tank a while back but I'm sure I could touch that up if I really wanted.
  4. I'd use a smaller diameter hose and use a heat gun to make it fit.
  5. Haha. I sold it maybe 3 or 4 years later to an older Asian guy.
  6. I bought a baby silver in about yr 2000 for $400 from aquazoo in the valley.
  7. I reckon rainwater would be your best bet. Drain some water before it rains or if you have a rainwater tank fill it from there. I would remove some of the existing water rather than trying to dilute it down.
  8. Firstly I wouldn't feed your fish while in the bucket as poor water quality is what will kill them. They can probably do a few days but I'd try to sort it quickly. If you can't ask someone here in your area to look after them for a week or two until you can get a new tank.
  9. Hi Howie,

    Sorry for not getting back to you. I was relying on emails as notifications on replys to the thread or pm's - it didn't tell me about "Visitor messages"!!

    I'm around all day today - Sunday - if that suits you?

    My phone number is 0417 724 460.

  10. Hi Matt.

    Would like to have a look at the rack setup. Are you available this weekend? Please let me know as i'm interested. Hos does Saturday morning sound as I am heading to braken ridge and can stop by.

    Regards, Howie.

  11. There should be enough room left in your sump for the tank water to drain to the level of your overflows if the power goes out.
  12. Control the flow of the pump not the flow of the overflow/drain holes. If the pump it too powerful then wash off some flow by installing a T piece in the pump return and putting water back into the start of the sump.
  13. What's the 8,000 litres? individual tanks or one large one? I would be more concerned about retaining the heat in 8000 litres once heated.
  14. Absolutely - I've been keeping fish for nearly 20 years and people seem obsessed with water turnover per hour. If water flows too quickly through the media the bacteria doesn't have time to do its job. Eheim have been doing it well for a long time. Most other filter copy their technology. I've got both sumps and canisters and they both can work well. I think canisters are more foolproof.
  15. Good to see this tank still going around. I owned it for about 3 years between 2004 & 2007 I think. Had Frontosa one point and then Peacock Bass. I remember the steel stand with the caster wheels - the guy I bought it off made them. Worked really well. Easier to move than a 6x2x2! The caster wheels and a trolley jack & car trailer meant no heavy lifting. Moved it a few times with two people!
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