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  1. Hi goldenswimmers i have taken pics of my 2 argentea and hoping you might be able to tell from the pics
  2. I have 2 vieja argentea cichlids one is definitely female and the other was sold to me as male however I have photographed both vents and I'm sure its male female however I'm no expert and just wondering if anyone else has better experience on this topic
  3. Have a vieja argentea around 17cm hoping someone with a bit of experience with these can tell what they think ive done all the usual searching on google etc but always nice to get someones actual opinion who might have had them and seen first hand some characteristics (last pic when i first got him) only asking as i want to start looking for a mate for him or her...
  4. Wokw up this morning to see the new favourite the argentea has his fins stripped and a good chunk missing, after watching them yesterday and this morning the argentea can't hold his own against the smaller FM and doesn't seem to want to retaliate to his annoying behaviour the FM seems to rule until the salvini comes out of his cave then he follows him around like a little puppy dog I was thinking it was the salvini doing the damage but I have only seen the FM nip at him so I'm not too sure now really thought the argentea would've been boss of the whole situation being the biggest fish in the tank but doesn't appear to have worked out in his favour thinking of adding some dithers today and seeing how it goes does anyone have any ideas
  5. Just getting back into hobby after leaving for about 5 years and habing finished up doing marine kind of killed it for me so I'm jumping into SA cichlids have a 4x1.5x2 and a 5x2x2 setup smaller tank I'm growing out some gold sevs rotkiel uaru and GTs with some L333 plecos and larger tank is going to be the display tank with a firemouth, salvini and my favourite my male argentea just wanting to know what everyone thinks and anything people can recommend about SA cichlids thanks heaps for reading ...
  6. Just thought somebody might have some stored as I have used all mine unexpected incident
  7. Hey everyone do u guys here know of anyone I could get 200L of water from and about 20kg of live rock thanks everyone oh I already checked masa too
  8. Hey scuba where do u go to get ur fresh sea water and where do I get a 120l barrel from..?
  9. Hey tulle I'm just about to start my cycle from scratch can u give me some pointers on how u have started out before the incident hope all goes well for u mate thanks I have everything set up just need to add water and get going but a little scared to start
  10. What is the best to use as a substrate in a marine tank
  11. Thought so ha ha will go do alot of research
  12. Hi all me and my missus have had freshwater tanks for a while but want to try a marine setup we know a bit but still find everywhere we look can be tricky if anyone has pointers or a plan we could follow to start out would be muchly appreciated also a list of exactly what we will need we have a spare 4foot and sump that we will use for it And if anyone has anything decent secondhand stuff for sale that we could buy til we get started would be greatly appreciated too thanks heaps everyone
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