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  1. rainbowrunner

    DIY Bucket Filter for IBC grow out

    my bucket filter
  2. rainbowrunner

    Native fish art, stickers mugs etc

    Hopefully t-shirts hats and a few other things might come along eventually. Only a very small profit is made (less than 20% markup) and goes directly back into producing my underwater and fishing videos. - Coffee Mugs picked up at your local Officeworks store $12 - Coffee Mugs delivered anywhere in Australia $20 - Vinyl Outdoor Bumper Stickers $4 delivered, extras $2 (Honey Blue Eyes and Mangrove Jack available so far) - Custom projects using my images also available. - Mugs available with or without text Payment via secure Paypal or direct bank transfer Email me at phansler@hotmail.com or through Facebook for orders
  3. rainbowrunner

    Native recommendation for my new pond

    Honey Blue eyes or Pacific Blue Eyes
  4. rainbowrunner

    Native recommendation for my new pond

    http://rainbowrunner.ausfish.com.au/New Page 1.htm
  5. rainbowrunner

    Toad Tadpoles

    empty it all, get rid of goldfish and white clouds too and Ill give you natives for it
  6. rainbowrunner

    Life in Mungarra Reserve Petrie

    Tlilapia, Unspecked hardy heads, Gambusia, Pacific Blue eyes, Snub nosed garfish, gudgeons, Silver Biddy
  7. Little bit of mucking around yesterday in the heat, was hoping to see maybe bass or yellowbelly, was surprised that there were no Rainbowfish at all that I could see https://youtu.be/a2GpOm69u1o
  8. rainbowrunner

    Qld should follow nsw lead

    Ive got honey fry if you want them, as long as they are cared for properly, in a pond with no other fish
  9. Going to have a look at doing some mugs and stickers and maybe even hats and shirts eventually, First prototype Mangrove Jack mugs arrived and look great, my own pics/digital art are printed on them. Suggestions? Feedback?
  10. in the original footage it looks like the tilapia were chasing and feeding on the hardyheads, hard to get on video in murky water tho
  11. Life in - North Pine Dam/Lake Samsonvale just north of Brisbane, the Lungfish population seems to be thriving https://youtu.be/Vlr-Vcjbz8A
  12. finally got through all the footage and was able to put this together, tried so hard to film platypus under water but no luck https://youtu.be/bhDtiyqAxVI
  13. I live in brisbane and the Carnarvon Gorge is in central QLD about a 9hrs drive