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  1. Great fish and great shots! Ive started up my cichlid tank again after having done tropicals for a few years. Need to find a good place on the Gold Coast for good africans!
  2. Nice! Hey rainbowfish, ive gutted my tropical yesterday and going back to africans. looking good. got white coral and white sand. need to let it settle. got B/N and a couple of kuhli loaches in there and they're doing fine. put pics up soon....
  3. Great pics mate. i used to have a cichlid tank like that. been thinking of going back to it. you may have just inspired me!
  4. Great shots! love north and south straddie! theres plenty to see if you look closely!
  5. thanks very much Matt. he is a pretty spoilt turtle. just got him some fresh shrimp and crays today to play around with/eat!
  6. Do it! you wont be sorry! hours of entertainment watching their antics!
  7. just up at the oxenford pet barn
  8. Wow! Thats ALOT of top info! thanks very much for taking the time to write all that mate. very much appreciated and will take it all on board. Some great tips! Haha...and yeah...discus....not dicus! LOL!
  9. Hey people, wanting to convert/add dicus to one of my tanks. Would appreciate some pointers from the pros. i can always google but id rather here from you guys! Any feedback is much appreciated! Thanks Dion
  10. Nice set up! awesome driftwood!
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