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  1. hey there was just wondering if you built your 6 x tank setup you sold youself?, if so are you interested in building another one for money?


  2. Back to nature guide to L number catfish, dont even own any but after buying that book i am willing to waste my life and money on them lol
  3. Thanks again for taking the jack, his tank partner has turned feral as so i believe you may of saved his life lol

  4. Hey i got a 4x 18x15 i wanna turn into a planted/tropical tank but have a few questions. first of all i have never done a heavly planted tank before and i am NOT made of money,i know i can combat the Co2 issue with liquid co2 supplements but i still need to ask a couple of things. No1.Whats a cheap plant substrate(to mix with gravel/sand to feed the plants) No2.WHats the best substrate out of sand and gravel? No3. any good fish suggestions for it? no4. how much filtrTION you guys recon is needed? and lastly. no5. what should i remember NOT to do to make shore this works? thanks guys Chris
  5. nothing to flash, just imagine a convict the size of a red devil thats kinda purply lol
  6. it will work, remeber most FH are from red devil cross bloodlines anyway
  7. shall do when i get home from work, its just a red devil sized fish with a rounded face like a convict, and a red belly and a body that can go from blue/white to black purple depending on mood. Still has his stripes to....really interactive fish
  8. not the biggest fan of hybrids, but i have a red devil cross convict i was given for free, awsome fish but never seen it anywhjere else, just wondering if any1 has seen em also?
  9. Long story short, wanna know if you guys have ever shopped there, if so how was your experience, and what are your thoughts? someone tried to warn me off going there but the 2 times i have gone there i have never had a problem, trying to figure out wether there is a reason for the warning or just someone trying to hurt the bussiness, yet again i have never had a problem there just curious?
  10. nice, ive never seen it before, looks cool non the less
  11. very impressive, i shall steal your idea and build 2 this weekend ;lol
  12. i shall keep you posted, i rang aquariums r us to get a quote for 4 x 3 tier stands to hold 4' x 18''x18'' tanks on each level and got told"we only do single stands now" so im on the hunt for plans to now lol, if you have any luck please let me know chris
  13. wow, thats a new 1 to me.. hows the water condition?
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