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  1. you gotta give us ideas on how to build such a nice stand! I would love to build an 8ft or 10ft in the not to distant future!
  2. Has anyone used Aro Aquatic before? Have met the guy once or twice......he has the cheapest goods by far. But he doesn't have an online shop or site yet. He told me he is getting one soon. But at the moment - he sends out catalogues from his work email and only charges $8 flat rate for shipping. Pretty cheap IMO. His items are cheaper than anywhere online and retail and he has a good range of products, some of them are pretty unique. I have ordered from him a few times and everything is cheaper than anywhere I have seen. I'm not sure if anyone has used him before as he is only starting.....interested to find out if there are others that have heard of this guy? His email is aro.aquatic@gmail.com? Just curious as to whether others have seen or heard of this before?
  3. any links of examples? may be able to source some for you...
  4. I know someone who can get them. Recently got me a couple of small dats. aroun 5cm. Pricy fish though....looking at around $400 as a minimum....
  5. have always thought you can't import food so i think you may have been lucky all that time.....
  6. I got some spare Jap mat. Can make 3-6 pieces of that size. I'm on northside Brisbane so it could be handy.
  7. Anyone on northside have some spare hikari food stick i can buy or borrow off them? Redlands have run out and LFS is last resort as it costs an arm and a leg....
  8. Hey guys, I am thinking of shipping some fish down to Adelaide and Melbourne for some friends. What is the best company to use? What do you guys use? Ideally, it would be same day service but that would be damn expensive so I am happy to go with overnight shipping. They are only small fish, 5cm. I have an idea on how to pack them etc, just not sure who to go with.
  9. many plants there last night? misread the date dammit! thought it was sunday, needed to get some plants badly
  10. oh it was for the last stage and the water didnt need to flow under/over like the rest. just needed an extra stage to hold my heater and lava rock incase i wanna put fish in the refuge......the water will flow through it anway coz the last stage, the water comes from under
  11. it did that in my sump. but instead of sliding glass in there, i used egg crate so water can flow through......
  12. I have recently set up my sump and was looking into pre-filter socks. Is there a filter sock with elastic that will fit onto the end of the down pipe coming from the tank? I don't want to set up another unit to hold the sock and then connect it to the sump.....
  13. you should try some glass and window shops.....i got a piece of perspex 5mm cut to size (40cm by 20cm) and all i did was drill the holes. That piece cost me $10. cheap cheap......
  14. also, pu a clamp around your fittings! better to be safe than sorry and have everything empty on you while your not home
  15. Hey guys, Currently setting my sump up. Its outside but its under the verandah so it safe n locked up etc. In shade for most, if not all of the day. It is still located outside however and I have covered the top with foam so nothing can fly in, dirt can't get in, evaporation etc......is it better to leave the sump exposed or is there no harm in covering it up.......I am leaning to covering it up just as piece of mind but want to find out opionion!
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