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  1. Nice room mate was very well set up! You were the man. I bet not many people have a set up like that these days money has turned into toilet paper.
  2. Still Looking for juvies Do they still exist?
  3. After about 20 -30 juviniles . Send me a private message if you have some . Or sub adults,thanks.
  4. As above Massive colony 2males 4 females -$700 (3 different bloodlines) Around 20 young 3 different spawns 3-6cm 500$ ALL SOLD !!!! Selling in one lot $1000.... Lots of pics below Tank and stand 18 months old for sale as well that they are in $400,(no running gear) Contact via private message. No shipping. No swaps . Will not reply to any silly stuff. Thanks Jas.
  5. As above let me know if you have these thanks contact via pm thanks.
  6. Aquariums are us Tank and Stand. (18 months old) No cracks ,scratches or leaks Very good condition No running gear Size-6ft length , Width-450, Height- 2ft stand in raw timber. Plus 2 tanks below Sizes- Tank 1 4ft length, 450 high, 330 width No2. 2ftx 310 width, 420 height All cost about $1000 new Selling for $450 or swap L333 or L134 Empty on pick up Contact via private message pick up. Thanks Jas.
  7. Sold thanks Ben nice to meet you. Enjoy the plecos will be breeding in 12 months. thanks Jas
  8. Hi, I was growing these guys up- Sizes range around 7cm x15 At some of theses sizes prices are around $35 each would like to sell in one lot 7 months old. Open to reasonable offers $$$$ May swap for some other variants of pleco.not bristlenose Shipped by from Tim Edison- Adelaide. Different bloodline. contact via private message.
  9. Oh and welcome mate good choice on the Tropheus. jas
  10. Swf has brought every fry from all my colonies of Tropheus. And some are breeding now all excellent stock! good luck Carl. jas
  11. My F1 kalambo Fry bloody awesome!! And there parents, Very Rare Fish. 2 years of watching and waiting. Mission completed!! Enjoy pics.
  12. Fist batch 3 weeks old counted about 70 beautiful orange. 1m 3f thanks for looking.
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