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  1. Sorry all gone. More growing up.
  2. 40 gone about 20 adults left more growing up. thanx to the buyers. Jas
  3. I tumble mine, never take females away from there boss.I usually strip after 5 days they have a little head and tail then. I always tumble in the tank where there mum is than she knows where they are.And the fry watch the adults swim around. What type are your Tropheus? These are F1 from chad got them flown to me. ENJOY!
  4. This for mark . Thanx for the book.
  5. These are blue velvet shrimp. google them nice pics on there. Thanx
  6. Thanx wade $150 the lot . happy days mate.
  7. All sold 24for $350 thanx wade.
  8. Love your photography.I am going to buy a camera just like yours at tax time. Keep those pictures coming.If you are still on here!
  9. Hi shutting down my L number tanks. 3 adults 8-9cm 1f 2m $100 3 at 5-6 cm $ 70 selling as 1 lot no separation. white colour $170 lot great starting colony. can meet or deliver.
  10. 6 on hold for Neil.thanx see you tomorrow. 24left $450 the lot. less than $20 each for the lot. $20 each otherwise.
  11. On hold for mark. See you tomorrow. Thanx.pulled them out 10 in total $16 each glad you got them mark.6-9cm
  12. All good just want to get out of L numbers. Had enough . Focus on my 200 Tropheus. Checkout my 30 lo66 that are cheap as well. Thanx
  13. 8 pepps 6-9cm looks like 3m 5f $160 this weekend only. great quality about 12 months old .