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  1. Some better pics and 2m 13f pumping out the fry got 35 this week! Dom , male is the darker 1. enjoy
  2. Big delivery!! My biggest girl with about 15 i watched drop.Never get sick of watching these guys and girls.
  3. Could I please see pics of the parents . Thanx jas
  4. Love your goldfish, takes me back to my fist tank and goldfish that I got from the exhibition when I was 10 years old . Poor thing died from chlorine!! I loved him. jas
  5. Hello, welcome to this awesome fish club . I love and breed Tropheus. What type of fish do you love Besides all of them? jas
  6. Wow!!! Love to see those pics,Great price!!!!
  7. Sold.
  8. Thanx Jono you kept your word and held it for me , good to meet people like you. jas
  9. One i my favourites I had a colony of moba once ,sold them to Theo deagon. Great fish mate, jas
  10. Will try and get some more movies of them.once I learn how to do this.. late learner!
  11. Nice footage, I need to try and do some movie work,looks like fun was this done on your iPhone? jas
  12. A couple of snaps of my cherry spots. Love these guys. These guys are hard to take pics of constantly moving around getting jiggly.
  13. I am curious as well $20 and a zip? How much?
  14. A picture of my Ikola love these guys just got my first 10 fry. All these guys were shipped from down south from reputable breeders.
  15. Another rare Tropheus, love these guys as well.