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  1. Sold. more in probably 1-2 months.
  2. Quantity available-30 Adults purchased from a w/c colony size-3-4 cm minimum buy 10 price-$15 each 10 for $150 20 for $280 30 for $400 contact via private message. Thanks .
  3. Quantity-20 size-3-4 cm minimum buy 10 price-$18 each 10 for $180 20 for $330 contact via private message.
  4. All sold more in 3 weeks. Thanks jas
  5. PM’s replied more available and up to size. Contact via private message not on add Thanks jas.
  6. mcfry40

    Best Tropheus pics

    My F1 Tropheus kalambo 18 months old colony of 15 just started to get fry. enjoy the rare fish photo’s Thanks.
  7. Please pm me if you’re interested in fish. Or if you would like to discuss fishy stuff. Shoot me a private message and I will reply. This topic is just an add for my fish. Not a section for questions. Thanks jas.
  8. Thanks I brought all that smiths aquarium had , I am still looking for a couple of adults males or females. shoot me a pm if you willing to sell some. jas
  9. As above preferred on Northside. Just send me a private message thanx. Jas
  10. mcfry40

    Need it gone ASAP $1000 full set up

    He’s name is bob mate he is on gumtree, pretty sure it’s gone. i was going to buy it bargains!!!!
  11. Yes mate all sold out . Sorry. you have to be quick when I have them. . I have 50 growing up ready in 3-4 weeks. Thanks jas
  12. mcfry40

    Best Tropheus pics

    My F1 nkonde , just started spawning Love these guys rare fish. 18 months old. Haven’t got full colour yet. 4m 11f.
  13. No sorry mate , they are all on hold till Saturday . more ready in 4 weeks.
  14. I have 15 sub adults I was growing up for sale 6-8 cm $20 each . $280 lot More fry available 4 -5cm $15 each. Contact via private message. Limited numbers.
  15. mcfry40

    tropheus ikola

    Can I request some pictures of the adults and fry. Thanks.