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  1. 20 sub adults left. Thanks
  2. 30 sub adults 6-7 cm 6 months old $20 each, was growing up another colony changed mind. very red in colour. pm me if you’re interested. pics of parents brought from chads w/c colony.
  3. Smiths aquarium. Had some not cheap though.
  4. Wtb 6ft tank and stand

    Thanks for the tank mark . no more thanks.
  5. Hi after 6x2x2 or 6x18x20 or 6x18x24 tank and stand. minimum 3years old. will pay extra for you to deliver it. Thanks jas
  6. All sold thanx Liam more in probably a months time folks. jas
  7. Thanks Troy, It was a pleasure to meet another Tropheus enthusiast, What a top bloke.
  8. 20 sold 20 left will move them on for $13 each , to make room. pm me if you’re interested.
  9. Another 40 available Deals on bulk buys Message me if you’re interested. Thanks Jas.
  10. Sold more available in 2-3 weeks. thank you.
  11. Size 3-4cm quantity - 40 $17 each 10 or more $15 each 20 or more $14 each 30 or more $13 each 40 or more $12 each my breeding colony is F1 ( from chads W/C colony) Send me a private message if you’re interested. Thank you .
  12. Your a legend mate !!! Keep up the great work.


  13. New 8ft Front foyer tank

    The pain killers work a treat !! Chill out and there is always tomorrow. You poor bastard!!!
  14. New 8ft Front foyer tank

    Nice work you love fish more than me, you lucky man. Have am awesome weekend jas
  15. lemon spot trophues

    Hi steve i think you have mistaken your lemons for limes (limespots)