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  1. Will keep to grow out . Thanx for all the time wasters.
  2. 170 this weekend if you wait they might go down to $1.00 in 2 months LoL!
  3. Still here 14 for $190 3x8cm $60 11 @ 6 cm$ 130 if no replies before the weekend will remove from sale and keep them. Thanx for looking. Jas
  4. Found another 2 @ 6cm in another tank. 14 for $200.
  5. Thanx for the yungu green Tropheus, wow what a rare fish. No more imports guys. Glen paid about $600 for these. Can't believe nobody got these. A couple of years ago people would of went nuts for these?
  6. Hi all cleaning out my tank last of my fry .I have 12 pepps from 5-8 cm. 3 of the biggest look to be 1 m 2 f and rest look female heavy. $200 the lot will be at smiths aquarium tomorrow if any body is keen . Great group for a Colony. Fed on black worm , brine shrimp , flake and carnivore pellets. thanx jas
  7. Yes mate this lot all gone. Thanx Paul.
  8. I have for sale / tank shut down 4 L002- 4-5 cm ($80) 3 marble longfin 7-8cm(1m 2f) 1s/f female 6-7 ($140) 1 female orange spot 6cm($25) 7 pepps @4cm and 1@10cm($90) would like to sell as a lot will do a great deal $250 the lot All on hold for STONEY.
  9. Love the hand held vacum!
  10. Had these shipped from Chads Wild Caught Colony.Taken on I Phone 5 . Better in real life lots of Red I love them
  11. Sent you a message about marble longfin pete.

    thanx jas

  12. How beautiful those fish are, photography much better than my photo as well.
  13. Brichardi Fiery Fry this is rare fish
  14. Just wanted to share this.
  15. Hi there - I currently have F1 Kalambo fry growing out. Should be ready in a few months.

    How many are you chasing?



    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. mcfry40


      Hi jacob

      jas here , I was just wanted to kno how long until the kalambo will be ready going to set up a grow out tank for them.  3 cm will be fine thanx again. Mcfry



    3. jcumpstay


      another 3 weeks to be on the safe side. would hate to sell them to you too small.

    4. mcfry40


      Thanx Jacob will take 10 if you have that many, setting up a grow out tank for them next week . Got it of gumtree

      Thanx jas