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  1. All pics of my colonies that have been reduced buy half know. All my Adults purchased from wild caught colonies. Pictures in order as list goes below. Tropheus Ikola-6@3cm -$20 each Sp/Red Moliro-6@3cm-$20 each kalambo-5@3cm-$40 each 10 %off for the whole lot purchased Great for a 3-4 ft display tank contact via private message thanks.
  2. Deal fell through lucky 4 holding!! I will keep these awesome beautiful lovely looking fish. For now. Thanks
  3. On hold for Carl Thanks mate new Tropheus man in town he has a few of my colonies. Thanks
  4. I have purchased 15 juveniles looking for. Another 15 then I am happy. Thanks
  5. Purchased off Lloyd F1 - 2males 7 females /Breeding size -10 cm all vented 15 were purchased to make this colony @$50 each @ 3-4 cm rest of males are gone. I will include food and all of my decades of experience to help you set them up. open to reasonable offers.silly offers ignored. Trade for L201 or L134 , 007 and cash slowly getting out of Tropheus been breeding for 15 years. new challenge collecting every L number there is. pm me if you’re interested be quick they will be gone in no time. can deliver or take a deposit advertised elsewhere as well.
  6. As above after about 10 paying top dollar Pleco L134 juveniles 15@. 3-5 cm cash paid or swap for rare Tropheus kalambo fry.and cash. contact me via private message thanks.
  7. All good if mate if you have purchased them via a 3rd party . call them what they really are then. Thanks jas
  8. These are my parents did you buy the fry of me and they are not fire crackers. These are my sp Red moliro adults.?????? last lot I sold were 30 sub adults 6 months ago.
  9. My F1 kalambo Fry bloody awesome!! And there parents, Very Rare Fish. 2 years of watching and waiting. Mission completed!! Enjoy pics.
  10. Actual pictures of my fish Purchased if G.Rigby 2 -3 years ago at 4 cm , who brought them from jims wild caught colony. Quantity- 15 size-8-10 cm Good mix of males and females constantly breeding Price -$600 Cutting back on Tropheus colonies to get some plecos. contact via private message Thanks.
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