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  1. Stupid video won't upload

    Gee I love the colour!!
  2. Wtb Tropheus dubosi

    just Picked up 30 thanx another 10 would be good .
  3. Fs 4ft tank.

    Still for sale . $50
  4. Wtb Tropheus dubosi

    Still looking for my fry , pm me if you have some you would like to sell. Thanx jas
  5. Still looking for a needle in a hay stack. Surely somebody has some and yes I have contacted Jacob but can’t veiw fish only in a bag.will pay $50 for each male .
  6. g'day mate what Ts do you have for sale atm ?? cheers 

    1. mcfry40


      Sorry none atm sold out.thanx jas

    2. James4128


      to easy keep me in mind plz buddy 

  7. I am after some of the bright orange variant. I have seen them around the place. Still looking thanx.
  8. As above on the Northside. Fry or adults for my display, Shoot me a pm thanx jas
  9. Wtb Tropheus dubosi

    throw me a pm if you have some you don’t want. Pay cash.
  10. Fs 4ft tank.

    $50 still here. Swap for dubosi.
  11. Hi , I am after juveniles adults what ever you have , good quality. For my display tank. Thanx give me a private message thanx.
  12. Tanganyikan Community Tank

    Nice list I told you there would be no aggression in this tank, 15 years experience with Tropheus , And some buyers won’t even let me see their fish before I buy their fry. , I have been told that I can have them in a bag without being able to veiw either fry or adults. No Bloody way. Hope you enjoy your ikola that you got to see before you brought them wade. Don’t buy fish without viewing them.... jas
  13. Fs 4.5ft tank and cabinet ( cheap )

    Stolen buy Tom ( pebatom) good on you mate. on hold Atm.
  14. Fs 4.5ft tank and cabinet ( cheap )

    $50 the lot anybody want it cabinet cost $500 tank cost $300. Just want to clear out my garage have downsized. Tank 6 months old cabinet strong.
  15. Still looking will swap a stunning female for a male?