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  1. Will do them fo less than $20 each $300 for the 18 @3-5cm Just started to show some colour Pm me if you are interested. Thanx jas
  2. What a pitty mate you have some awesome fronnies. I had a guy on here last week who did the same thing to me ,2 weeks of wasting my time I even helped him set his tank up.I don’t hold fish anymore unless I get a deposit in my bank. Good luck with the sale. Jas
  3. Hi all have about 18 fry for sale parents are from chads w/c colony size 3-5cm price $25 each or $400 the lot can meet or deliver within reason. here are some pics of parents , plenty more pics in photography lounge. Pm me if you’re interested Thanx Jason
  4. Best Tropheus pics

    F1 SP Red Moliro, from Chads W/C ( always have fry for sale)
  5. Sorry all gone mate I have a list mate for my fish, they sell soon as I got them. Thanx jas
  6. Pic with light , flash.
  7. I have a tank now thanx mate , fish are still for sale, can meet somewhere if you want up to you. $150 this weekend. Would like to shut this tank down.
  8. Have tanks now . $100 breeding colony, or nearest offer.
  9. Thanks for the offer mate, just bit far for me to travel to Warwick Still available healthy fish $200 becoming a very rare fish
  10. Price drop $200 without food healthy fish. Great for a display or breeding. Or trade for 5x2x18 , 5x20x20 5x18x18 one of these or 6x2x18 6x18x18.
  11. Might as well keep them. They have done nothing wrong. Lol
  12. For sale a pair of F1 Moba male- 18-20cm female- 14-15cm plus 1.25 kg premium food $240 priced for a quick sale. Can deliver or meet. Pm me if you are interested.
  13. $any offers will put pics up later , can deliver or meet somewhere. Need the tank for Tropheus fry. can swap for 2x1 tanks.
  14. 20 Ikola in my display tank with my namansi, they won’t cross breed looks cool. Had an offer for the fry they are getting picked up this afternoon.Thanx to wade. Tropheus will still breed in two groups as long as they are different Variant . End off Thread!!!!