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  1. Hello from Holland Park

    Welcome Mate , This site is Awesome for talking all things fishy. Good luck and have fun. jas
  2. Hi guys after some for my display tank any size, have cash waiting. Pm me if you have some . Thanx jas
  3. Sold and picked up 25 more available in 2 months. thanx jas
  4. On hold till sat. Thanx.Another Tropheus legend.i Sold and picked up. Good to catch up again my old Tropheus mate. GO THE TROPHEUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Stuff it I will just keep them have 2 females holding. Setting up another 4ft tank for them as they are in with my Ikola .thanx for the looks. If anybody wants to throw me an offer you never know!!
  6. What to do

    Tropheus mate , massive varieties of colours. I have lots growing up.LoL!!!! jas
  7. Nobody has Ikola to trade ?
  8. Fry on hold with deposit!
  9. I love Tropheus, have had them for 10 years, and will have them for another 10! Love meeting people with same love that I have of these guys, and rambling on about them. Jas

  10. Parents from jims W/C 15 fry@3-4cm ( more in 1 month) price $30 each ( sell 1 lot $ 450) No holds Contact via pm 5th and 6th pics of fry for sale 2nd pic 14 more growing out 3rd pic another 10 growing out which are the yellow ones others are bulu point . 1st and 4th pic of parents Enjoy
  11. Thanx guys I would consider cash and some Ikola Tropheus to add a new bloodline to my existing colony. I have 7 different varients . And 7 tanks To much work for me something has to go to free up a tank for lots of fry.pm me if you are interested in making a deal. 2 mouthfuls and your money is back. These guys will breed for 10 years. And I can deliver for petrol $$! And help you with any questions you may have. Thanx jas
  12. No worries mate any thing you need to know about these amazing fish just ring me . More in about 2 months folks. OH !!!And welcome to the Tropheus club ( Tropheus Cameron)
  13. Hi all have to many colonies of Tropheus would love to move these on to a great home. F1 Yungu green ( Congo) rare fish purchased from chads w/c colony as fry about 16 months old paid $45 each plus shipping all up $550 3 m 7 females sexed And Vented Plus 2 fry.Adults just come onto maturity. price $600 will make your money back) breeding colony.fry sell for $45 each. Thanx all healthy fish No holds only buy a deposit I will hold. Jas
  14. All on hold for Kitcher 5 thanx Cameron see you tomorrow Look forward to helping you settle these beauties in. jas
  15. 20 more available 3-5 cm sell in lots of 10 ($20 each) or purchase the lot for $300 ($15each) contact via pm.can hold for a deposit. Thanx jas