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  1. Sold !!!!! To Nelson from sydney Going on a plane.
  2. SOLD!!!! My adults are from jims wildcaught colony. 40 were purchased to get this ratio @$25 each plus shipping. 5males 25 females 3years old Proven Breeders Vented Over 200 fry last year Fed spirulina abd repashy Selling to cut back on my tropheus numbers. Prcied to sell $50each Selling 1 lot $1500 ono (swap for L134 juviniles) No rush to sell as breeding season starts in a month. Fry available as well. Pm me if your interested. VIDEOS on Instagram @jayjays_cichlids
  3. Stll available last 20 Getting bigger. Pm me if if you interested Cheers.
  4. Last 20 left @4cm ,until breeding season starts again, more fry in probably 6 months. $20 each. Thanks.
  5. 30 available@ .5cm (SOLD) Will do a good deal if someone is interested. Pm me if your interested. Thanks.
  6. No sorry. None for sale. Thanks.
  7. Still some available. Pm me if your interested. May swap for some 333"s
  8. I Have another 25 up To size ready to go Pm me if you are interested. Thanks jas.
  9. All sold on gummy first thing this morning. More in 3-4 weeks.
  10. Just done a check I have around 50 upto size. 15 on hold 35 left. Need to make room. No holds. Pm me if your interested.
  11. Can you ship me 2 to brisbane Australia, Cause that is where the people on this website live. Send me your bank details. Cheers.
  12. All sold more in 3-4 weeks. Shoot me a message if you're after some In a few weeks. Thanks.
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