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  1. Aquariums Are us stand pained gloss white No tank.!!!!! Holds 6ft x18w 2ft h or 2x3fters. Cost $360 new. Selling $200 ono
  2. As above I had my 6x18w x2ft h on top 6x15x18h in middle 2X3ft on bottom I have upgrade 3 years old Rust proofed $700 to get made Selling $400 Ono, can deliver within reason. No tanks available.
  3. Pleco7 is now pleco10 on pleco planet . What a Tosser .
  4. What type is this had it given to me can't find any pics anywhere thanks. Below the kigoma.
  5. 5x18x20h Clear coated with white wash ,Hood and stand. VGC, NO SCRATCHES No running gear. In my lounge room upgrading. Paid $1200 Aquariums Are us . Selling price. $700ono Maybe swap for Pleco juviniles, 134,333,007 Can deliver within reason for small fee. Contact via private message. Thanks.
  6. Hi Mick, What is your pick of fish for those tanks? Jas
  7. Mine just got delivered to my door I paid him the other 70% of my $4000 order. But he said they are a bit small and you can't see them yet but they will get bigger in time.
  8. Good work shutting down bristlnose king. Team work.
  9. O07 ,270 ,134 , Tropheus, ikola cherry spots ,kigoma. Shrimp. Jas
  10. Hi,Wade welcome have fun. Jas
  11. These prices are to good to be true ? They are $500 each @ 3-4cm from breeders. 12cm@$550 ??? I wanted 10 but I can't go to his house in brisbane because of corona virus he says. He wants 30% deposit. 70% on delivery. Does anyone know this Ben in brisbane? Or have his phone number ?
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