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  1. Selling if all my plecos lost interest. Size 4-7cm Fed repashy 2 different batches. Price $1200 selling in 1 lot. Advtised on gummy. Contact via private messaging. Thanks jas
  2. Size 7-8 cm 2 years old Brought them at 3cm for $130 each Fed repashy 4females 5 males Price $2700 neg No seperating Fat as have been trapping,no spawn yet. I have lost interest in plecos Reply via private messaging if you are serious. Advertised on gummy as well more pics on there. Thanks jas
  3. No sorry. None for sale. Thanks.
  4. Can you ship me 2 to brisbane Australia, Cause that is where the people on this website live. Send me your bank details. Cheers.
  5. Poor bugger,, like jb said I go buy reputation as well. Been stung before as well. Jas
  6. I will never be over them. Tropheus are like my wife,I love the both of them for infinity. Maybe Datnoids then ,some on gumtree.
  7. Pleco7 is now pleco10 on pleco planet . What a Tosser .
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