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  1. Let you know what you got, Give me a text private message Not Burundi or kigoma , After juviniles. Thanks jas
  2. All Ikola sold busy day. Sold on another site. Pic for 5ft buyer coated in clear 2 years old.
  3. All sold thanx to ,Mortie, and fishhead. Good to see these guys getting back out there so they don't vanish. More growing up ready in a month. Pm me if your interested. Thanks.jas
  4. More pics on on Instagram @ jayjays_cichlid. Thanx.jas

  5. I have 10 available which were on hold but not anymore. $20 each.
  6. You can follow me on jayjays_cichlids

    On instagram for more pictures.


  7. Will have another 10 ready in a week or so if anyone is interested. Picture of my adults. Contact via private message thanks.
  8. Good Idea mate. Sounds like a plan. Jas
  9. Check out my frontosa kigoma advert. Or picture gallery. Sold all last ones that were up to size But might have more up to size. How many you chasing. Jas
  10. No problems mate just some light sanding ,great quality like I said I have known Darren for 20 years never had any issues. All above was good his wife is awesome as well. My dad has about 10 tanks as well . My best mate has about 8. He was the man when things where pumping. Delivery cost about $50-80. Best bet to place order on phone and pay on the phone or drop in. All pics on his website busy people. Good luck . Rating 9 Yes pine. Jas
  11. 2nd alpha male, he would like to be the boss. I think he has more colour than the boss, the girls like him..... Photo shoot on my Olympus no filter, just straight of the flash.
  12. Got this whole package 12 months ago 5ft x18wx20ht ,clear coated it . I love it ,from aquariums r us .Darren. Runs fx6 ,1 internal ,2 sponges..
  13. I have brought over 50 tanks from darren never had an issue at all.i get all my electrical from the techden. Good luck.
  14. The Boss, Dad to 300 young, growing out Atm. 200 in 6ft and 100 just out of eggsacks. Busy Boy!!!
  15. Very true. All the good stuff is overseas. 3000 litres is huge. What's in there? Jas
  16. F1 frontosa kigoma pumping out Taken with my olympus flash on.No filter.
  17. This site was the bomb 15 years ago absolutely fully sick!! There are still inthusius out there. Look on Instagram if you love the hobby,as well. Since the importing stopped ,it slowly died. I have never stopped still have 6 big tanks and still breeding.Will never stop. Pitty
  18. Yes I paid 2 lots of .99cents . Found it ok ,I had to use mastercard and all my details, guess it stops people using fake details. Once you use your PayPal or card I guess it's not a scam. Just my opinion.
  19. All sold ,more in a month or so. If you are interested in some in the future just send me a private message. I have plenty growing up. Thanks.
  20. All sold . More in a month or so. If your interest in some in the future I have plenty growing up . Just send me a private message. Thanks.
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