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  1. I took a few more photos the other night! Hope you all enjoy!
  2. @Slipshodman I went for a drive through the bush near my house and I found them. One of them I swear weight 30+ kg's. It's so damn heavy haha @SantaMonicaHelp Not at the moment I don't. But if I find something I like i'll add more!
  3. Thought I'd get the camera and flash out tonight. Tried my best haha. In this tank I have: 4 common BN's 2 L002 1 L397 3 Jullii Cory's 6 Harlequin Rasbora's 1 Gold Severum 3 Uaru 4 Hypsophrys nicaraguensis 1 Rivalatus It's a 6x2x2.5 tank with a 4ft sump. Its about 800L all up! Enjoy! Thanks.
  4. Should do a school of Uaru! You don't see them around anymore!
  5. So I think I'm going to go with Mckayman's design. It'll look like this.
  6. UPDATE! Your sump looks so good and well thought out! I think I wanna copy! haha
  7. You drew that for me about a week and a half ago donny! I'll most likely be going with that method. Just the placement of baffles and how much gap underneath the baffles I'm stumped on
  8. Hey guys. So I'm getting a new setup ready and I have a spare 4ft tank that I'll be turning into a sump. I've never done it before, nor have I ever tried to design one. I'm just trying to get some helpful tips! The main tank is 1800l x 600w x 700h. The sump is 1200l x 345w x 440h I'm not sure how many chambers I need or where to put the baffles. How high do I need the last baffle? Coz that determines the water height in the sump doesn't it? How much of a gap under the baffles do I allow? Any tips or even some drawings would be lovely Thanks fishy friends!
  9. Donny, you were in the Army? That's awesome! For how long and what was your role?
  10. I could always go 2 drain holes and a bigger feed to the tank. Mate you able to drill it for me?
  11. I'm thinking a 50-55mm for the drain and then a 20mm maybe for the return to the tank.
  12. Hey Fish Family, I'm in desperate need of someone to drill my tank for me so I can run a sump. The tank is empty in the middle of my shed. Just need a feed and return hole drilled. Will obviously pay for your time. I've tried Dennison but he seems way too busy. I'm in Crestmead. The sooner the better! Ta!
  13. '96 s2 Nissan S14 200sx. RB25det, gt3076 turbo, exhaust, front mount, bigger injectors, Haltech computer and heaps of other goodies. 380hp on 18psi This is what I've spent all my money on in the last 3 years instead of fish. I've just moved out of home and bought another tank! 5x2x2 woo!
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