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  1. who?? the markets are on 250 sherwood road and exotic fish connections is just across the road but markets r open only sunday till 12 pm
  2. thats exotic fish connections i love 2 buy my stuff from rocklea markets also last week i bought 2 breeding nets for $3.20 each and bio sponde filter for $4.50
  3. i have been on sunday markets yesterday and met some guy selling very cheap plants this is what i got for $9 pot of big hairgrass $3 pot of other small grass bout 5cm $3 bunch of java ferns(20-25cm) there were 4 plants with good roots $3 he also sells very cheap amazon swords he had like 10 of them 30-40cm potted with lot of nice big leaves for only $5 each bunches for $2 lot of different bunched plants annubias nana potted $6 and others i cant remember alll very cheap the pic shows just a bit of grass i planted some before i took the pic
  4. I found this easy DIY substance Cheap Sand-based CO2 Generating Sub Here's a recipe I've been using for 4-5yrs for a low cost, long life substrate that suits just about everything I've grown. Propagating Sand (Bunnings $4.95 a bag) Marble Chips/Oyster Shells Blood & Bone Laterite (optional, as the sand has a lot of clay in it) Peat Moss (optional) Cover the base with 1-1.5cm unwashed propagating sand - straight from bag, heaps of clay Sprinkle marble chips - 1 x handful per 30cm square Sprinkle blood & bone - 1 x dessert spoonful per 30cm sq Sprinkle laterite - 1/2 x handful per 30cm sq or lay cut and dried potters clay Cover the lot with 3-4cm well washed propagating sand, don't want all that clay in the water column! Cover with cling wrap and fill to desired level to work with plants. The propagating sand is full of minerals and a fair bit of clay... that's why you can get away without using laterite. Coupled with the B&B for N & Ca, the gross feeding plants love it. The marble chips help maintain ph balance, which is needed for efficient nutrient uptake, and provide an ongoing Ca source. It also acts as the carbon reserve, supplying CO2 as it dissolves. Oyster and other mollusk shells do the same and are the building blocks of aragonite. The sand is fine grained for a substrate, which keeps all the **** from leaching into the water column. But it really encourages micro-organisms, worms, etc... and I find that the spiral (Malaysian) snails keep it really well aerated - not to mention the Corys rooting around. In three years I've never had a problem with fouling or gas build up. I've tried adding a fine layer of peat, but haven't noticed an appreciable difference either way. The substrate in my shrimp tank is full of tubifex, which aerate it constantly and transfer nutrients up and down through it. My CRS/CBS seem to love the free treats they deliver. Give it a go - even in an experimental tank.
  5. i have a rock in left corner next to the driftwood but i cant find any good wood to put in here
  6. hi guys i tried to do my first aquascape in this 10 gallon tank the plants include java moss, java fern, corkscrew val and (hairgrass will be put in soon) fish will include 45 guppy fry to grow up and 7 small albino bn and cherry shrimp trio hope u like
  7. or u can get elodea free floating or potted all will do great and u dont need co2 or good soil
  8. thank you sarah u gave me some great tips will give it a try
  9. ok thanks so i can use cheap gardening soil from bunnings in tanks???it isnt organic this stuff is pretty cheap $3.28 for a 25 litre bag
  10. hi i have a question reguarding to soil in aquarium can i use normal gardening soil from bunnings in aquariums?? i would put some clay inside the soil and sand over it as i want to start low tech shrimp tank i know mosses r good but what else ?? some hair grass?? java fern?? crypts? thanks
  11. Thanks also have some potted anubias and elodea and these all grow well without co2 just some fertilizer once every 2 weeks thanks for the website it has valuable info
  12. Hi guys i just attached some java fern (which i got from mic) to my driftwood i am very happy with the result hope u guys like it too:) sorry for bad quality pics Ipod camera is not the best
  13. ok thanks nice to hear that pls let me kno what to feed them and where to get the stuff and i wil let u know the colour thanks
  14. hi my gouramis i had for sale have just bred lol i wanted then to go by this weekend but they have cross bred i know its not good but i didnt ment them to breed i just had male golden gourami and female grey gourami anyone knows what will the babies look like?? p.s pls dont tell me that cross breeding is not good because i didnt meant to breed them here r 2 pic of male and his nest fulle of eggs what would u feed thecbabies with?? would microworms be good??
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