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  1. Nice pic of Dalat in Vietnam [MENTION=231]gingerbeer[/MENTION] :)
  2. Don't bother guys/girls. Photo was taken 3-4years ago. Stand is in average condition with flaking paint, hood is same. Tank is propped up on car tyres in back yard with weeds growing in it. He even said that if he put current pics up, no one would buy it:)
  3. That's a big boy:) Were there any fish in tank before he went? A 304 is a bit small for that tank(personal opinion). Might have over loaded the bio-load too quickly. If u can't get your hands on a larger capacity filter, add 4 or so sponge filters to increase bio filtration. Having said that, if u haven't got other fish in there, your bio filtration will at a low capacity. Throw some feeder fish in to gear up bio. He can also have a snack when he goes back in.
  4. Probably packed it in. Jebaos have a tendency to do so:( And ya might need a bigger sump.
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  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Yoshi, Nielsen Nursery (Marine Mates) sells IAL trees:) I got 2 from there. Something to keep in mind for the long run:)
  8. As above:) Better lock aquarium related stuff, assuming u have chems etc stored next to fish food:)
  9. Very cool room indeed. Seen this many times, he never stops long enough on the corner filter for me to see how it really works
  10. Blackbetty on here:) Nice guy:)
  11. Nice, when does the 2L bottle come in Donny/Ben ?
  12. You can help the heaters more if you can get like 10mm foam sheets. Cut it to size to fit sides and back of tanks and sump. Dab some silicon on corners and stick them on. Got all my tanks done like this, rarely see the heater switch on. They are set at 28C.
  13. Blade is correct there Clint. You should be heating the largest body of water in your system, that way your temp is better maintained.
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  15. Jackpot Mr.Kas:) Now ya gonna churning out brine shrimp lolz Have fun
  16. If you can put a desk light/lamp on it 24hrs a day, or have it near a window with natural sunlight, it triggers the eggs to hatch.
  17. Where r u located? Got ine here for free. Has 25mm bulkhead at the bottom. Just need a 25mm cap to bung it:) Paul
  18. Got these with a tank and not really sure what they are. Not well versed in hybrids/flowerhorns thank you
  19. Dave, next time something like that happens, pm or call me. U know I'm just 5 mins from ya. Can have your fish buddies in my tanks in next to no time.
  20. Try Dural Irrigation. Pretty cheap, in NSW. Free shipping any qty. It's where i get all my pvc fittings, bulkheads etc:)
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