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  3. First of all, welcome aboard. id like to also congrats kelly and all other staff especially Donny on the great organization and stock of the aquarium section at Pet City. i used to be a regular there as a kid it was my favourite pet shop, and over the years its only gotton bigger and better. its a shame u couldnt shut the bird section down or move it and expand the aquarium section. the display tanks in the middle are awesome and has great appeal to customers as they walk in. Still disapionted in myself for not attemding the fish actions. WC Kigoma Male for $100 dollars......... GUN....BULLET....TRIGGER....BAM thats what i was thinking i will surely be at the next one... Being a frontosa fan its great to see more variety in the store though kigoma adults especially females are harder to come by as ive lost 2 in the last year or so. when i get my colony breeding on a regular basis and get yet ANOTHER grow out tank as im getting infested with electric yellow fry lol i would be looking at getting rid of most of them to either qldaf members or pet city for a reasonable price as most stores around have no idea how to care for these great fish. and would like to see to go to a good home. Pet Super Store in capalaba are terrable i see alot of there fish dead or dying and cant bring myself to either buy or sell fish from that store. as well as staff are rude. Id like to also agree with wombat about a stock list. it would be good for both the qldaf forum and pet city to have one advertised. RECAP: thanks again for the great customer service by donny, kelly and the crew at pet city, if u need ANY questions answered you know where to go but dont expect to leave in a hurry its to hard, with all the friendly staff and great fish to sit there and stare at. Give me a swag and a pillow u could lock me in and i could sit there all night and admire there great fish. Am i a FREAK? probably lol Be in there sometime this week yet again just to chat with Donny and admire the fish. cheers, Timbo
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  5. yer i was thinking that. though she is the female who produces alot of eggs but usually swallows em by now. maybe it would be good for her to get used to holding a bit longer. thats worth the sacrifice to lose maybe 2-3 more fry and gain 30-40 next time around though now my largest females tube is down and the male is getting protective of her too lol. its weird though cause she doesnt lay. its like she is just teasing him haha
  6. its been one week today since i stripped the eggs from the female kigoma. i thought i got all of them 30+ there was. i just noticed she still isnt eating and shuffling her mouth quite a bit. what to do?????? cheers, Timbo
  7. hey everyone, i have this catfish bought him a few months back for $14.99. its around 7-8cm with long wiskers. aparently it wasnt a cuckoo but i got no clue. its always shifting gravel and has a big belly atm. any ideas on which catfish it is and how to tell apart male from female. cheers, timbo
  8. thanks everyone with any luck these ones should survive. I will learn from this, on the plus side ive got me new tumbler so im ready to Rock lol. i reakon this one is freakon awesome well worth the money. cheers, Timbo
  9. hey people, after a long wait of 2 days i finally recieved my tumbler, lets just say im quit impressed with how fast it turned up. and did not hesitate to put the remaining eggs into the new tumbler. unfortunatly only 6 left. here are some pics. i have noticed that some eggs are starting to form heads and tails.
  10. yer ill just hold out. ive bought a tumbler off ebay cost me 40 bucks so it better be worth it. also wondering what colour is normal for frontosa eggs. ive seen some that are a creamy colour but then ive also seen ones that are fully white, is there a proper method to know which ones are fertile and still alive? i couldnt find any meth blue, the guy at the pet shop said that pimafix does the same thing and wont hurt the fish. im not sure whether to use it or not. any advice would be appreciated, cheers, Timbo
  11. Cheers guys for ya help. Will try to get the white eggs out this arvo and stop an get meth blue as well. I wish I had a proper tumbler.
  12. here is a picture of my alpha male kigoma timbo.
  13. hey everyone ive have this awesome peacock but dunno which species he is, can anyone help? cheers, Timbo
  14. thanks everyone for ya help, ill remember that next time when they breed. hopefully ill have a better tumbler by then. just wondering also what is a normal colour for fronny eggs.? there are like about 4-5 that are fairly white and the rest are like a creamy colour. cheers, Timbo this is attempt 1 at making a tumbler lol.
  15. yer not long around 2 days or so then she swallows em. its happended like 4 times now. so i had to strip her and see what happens. theres around 30 eggs
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