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  1. Smith's at Boondall stock them... I've also seen them in some of the Petbarn stores.
  2. Or try AOA... if you can't get there they deliver for about $7.
  3. Looks great mate!! Really like the black sand... is it sand or gravel? If its sand where did you get it? What are the inhabitants? Afra 'Likoma' and msobo at a guess... could be a few things though. If you want to add a little something else try sticking some java fern into the rock crevices...
  4. This is near impossible with an Edge tank given the very small opening in the top... Grimace, I can't wait to see how this tank turns out! As soon as I saw the Edge's I just saw a nano reef. Would love to give it a try but I've got no experience with SW and don't think this would be the ideal first tank. Good luck and be sure to keep us all updated with the progress!
  5. How many of each do you have? A 3ft tank is way too small for either species on their own let alone both together... I'd be looking at getting a new tank ASAP and at least a 6fter if you plan on keeping them together and healthy long term.
  6. I've just started using the socks and they do clog up quite quickly... if mine clog up completely they just overflow into the sump though.
  7. You've gotta watch that rust on tanks hey And as for runs... I wouldn't be that concerned, you'll only see them from the back of the tank and who looks at the back? From the front you won't see runs. Do a nice light first coat to give the following coats something to stick to but from then on go as heavy as you like. As for brands, like Ray I've used that many different brands, started off buying engine enamel cos its thicker but since then I've just used whatever the cheapest brand is at whatever store I'm at... just make sure its flat black not gloss, looks heaps better.
  8. Speaking of that plastic strip... does anyone know where to buy it? Been chasing some for a while now but not having any luck... I've got it on two of the three sections on my tank and really want some for the third section.
  9. They're African leaf fish... not the South American (South American leaf fish (Monocirrhus polyacanthus) with photo / picture) or Malaysian (Fishlink Worldwide :: Your Direct Links To Fishes)
  10. What is the height and width of the tank mate?... looks big for a 4ft
  11. Heya Ray... no offence to Bunnings, I love the place n all but they're just not in the game when it comes to bulkheads... At least not to us mere mortals who have to pay shelf price
  12. As above... I bought my plumbing stuff from wet earth when I set up the sump. What ever you do don't go to Bunnings for bulkheads...
  13. Ah the old leafy... awesome fish these things! Love their live foods...
  14. Go the pool salt mate, same as what's sold as aquarium salt. I used it for years with natives.
  15. Have you asked anyone in the shop what it is or do they not know either? How about a pic?
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