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  1. Gday peeps, I have a Hydor Prime 30 canister filter that I switched on tonight after it sitting in the shed unused for approx. 18 months. The pump is working fine, however It has a slow leak out of the blue cap (where you unscrew it to fill the unit up with water). I have taken the cap off and on a thousand times thinking it wasn't sitting flush to no avail. It clips in fine. There are no orings or anything like that under the cap, I just screws on. Doesn't leak until you turn it on under water pressure. Anyone know how to fix it? New cap? Just silicone the cap on? Cheers,
  2. Thanks so much guys, all excellent and valid points. Gives me heaps of ideas where to start, thanks a million!
  3. Hi all, I am thinking of doing a low tech planted set up, maybe a 3 or 4ft tank. Never done plants, would like it low tech. No C02, expensive lights etc. Don't mind adding a bit of aquarium dirt and ferts though. Ive tried searching for articles on here but to no avail. Would just like advice on how to set it up very basic. Any articles worth a read floating around? Cheers
  4. So the fish are not keen on the home brand pellet. They would eat it if I starved them a few days, and then gave it to them. But when I mix it in with the Hikari, they gulp both down and spit out the home brand lol.
  5. I have always used Hikari for my yanks, but am about to try the Tech Dens home brand pellet. Heaps cheaper, will give an update on what the fish think when it arrives.
  6. That looks the goods mate. Yep, doors are 12mm ply, with a timber frame on the back of them to hopefully stop them warping. In one of the first few pics you can see a hammer and some glue, that's the back of one of the doors. I just used some spare pickets I had lying around. Then I just added hinges. Note, take into account the extra width of doors with hinge attached. I didn't and when I put the hinges on the doors were to wide. I think I used a router to scrape a bit of timber out, so the doors would fit haha
  7. Yer I could of. Mine looks pretty similar in design. Paint is called charcoal, but looks more purple really. The lady at the paint shop might of mixed it wrong, I dunno. I have the tank on it now, the wood around the top split slightly, pretty annoying as I measured the bloody thing like 3 times before I cut timber. I just puttyed it up and touched up the paint. Will get a photo up ASAP
  8. Cheers for the reply, can I order a new "flapper" or remedy this somehow?
  9. Hi Guys. I have this resun 4 outlet air pump, and for some reason its only blowing air outta the 3 outlets? Its only about 6 months old. Can you pull the pump apart to see whats goin on? I think it still could be under warranty...
  10. My stand for my 6x2x2 was quite low, so decided to build a stand to raise it up a bit. Watched a video on youtube of a bloke Joey DIY aquarist on youtube so decided to copy his video and give it a crack. Im no handyman by any stretch but the build turned out OK. Bought a cheap drill and mitre saw and away I went, with some help. Stand is now 900mm high, so once tank is on it should sit roughly at eye level. Put some aluminium tube on the back to hang my light between also. Should have enough room to put a hospital tank under main tank also. Few pics
  11. Guys just curious as to if anyone here uses pond filters as a "canister" filter on there tanks? Is there any reason you shouldn't? Also, Internal powerheads seem to max out at 2000l/hr (the ones I can find anyway). Can you use a marine wavemaker in a freshwater tank if you desire more flow? Any Input/advice appreciated! Cheers
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