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  2. Getting the last few plants out ,look at those roots After the first tril whent so well ,its time to upgrade. Allso trying a bigger pot for cherry tomatoes
  3. I'm not a official or the judge of the ekka .i only enter my fish for fun and try to win Afro-Asia class , fish but my be stressed or whatever , not my place to say ,i dont no who entered it . That bing said if there are only 3 fish in that class then thay still give out #1#2#3 place , like i allways say you have to be in it to win, if you have a beter fish then enter it come along setup ,bring in your fish and win ,I would love to see the ekka fish show be huge like the aca but if no one enters then there's only ever a few fish per class and yes some times bad fish win becouse there's no outher fish in that class
  4. There's quite a few ekka winners on here . [MENTION=1378]Fish[/MENTION]junkie all so had a win
  5. Allready thort of that ,I pulled out the last plant closest to the drain and left it empty so roots will have to be about 400mm long befor reaching the drain
  6. Two weeks on and it's going really well ,plants getting bigger and no real deference in rooms temp. Roots are realy blooming Parsley died tho
  7. Probably when veg is bigger and taking out more nitrate , but didn't really build this for filtering my water just a bit of fun .like you i run a nexius and it dose a kickass job of my water . But will test down the track
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