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  1. .Hi All, Anyone able to help with some oxygen to send some fish? Happy to pay what its worth. Thanks Trav
  2. I've got the intakes and outlets together. The first outlet disturbs the surface, the second is vertical along the back and this seems to help move the waste accordingly. Both outlets are pointing at the opposite end of the tank. HTH Trav
  3. The toads are one consideration I am thinking about as I understand that the tadpoles are also poisonous. My current thoughts have been around a mangrove jack or a group of archer fish...
  4. Looking to possibly put in a 1,350 litre pond outside. I have a couple of ideas already but looking for suggestions on what everyone else would do with it? Thanks in advance Trav
  5. Another way to stimulate feeding that is less invasive is to soak the food in crushed garlic. I've found it worked well with my leptos when they went off their food. I believe that there is already some garlic in Thera A also.
  6. The ones I purchased need to be plugged to main power for a minimum of 40hrs before relying on the battery backup.
  7. Hi all. I went to do some water changes the other day and when I was testing before the water change nitrates were zero. With that does macropore negate the requirement for water changes if nitrates are remaining in control or is it best to continue with water changes to remove other toxins/elements that also build up? Thanks in advance for your thoughts Trav
  8. Hi Edwin. I purchased some of these a while ago to run constantly on my tanks. Not the quietest pump around but gives me peace of mind when the storms are around. Age of Aquariums - Search Trav
  9. I purchased a 2217 almost 15yrs ago and apart from replacing a worn impeller and broken impeller shaft it has never missed a beat. I now have 5 of them. Eheims are more about contact time with the media not so much flow rate. I will admit that I am bias as I have never used a fluval canister but have used the fluval internals (2 & 4) and they were fine. My understanding is that they haven't changed the design of the 2217 for 50yrs (feel free to correct me) so that shows that it is a sound design. AOA have them on special every now and then for $150 which is a bargain. When they come on special again I will probably grab another 2...
  10. I might increase the KH and in turn the pH a bit then.
  11. that it is nick. These are the ones I got from you. I have 2 females holding at the moment.
  12. Thanks Shon. No adverse signs as yet just wanting to jump on it early if I can.
  13. Hi All, I posted a photo of a lepto the other day and was told to start treating with metro due to the pink in the gills. I was told that it looked like early signs of wastage. What is everyone's experience in with wastage. All fish are still eating (if fact I now have a second mouthful) but if it is in fact wastage I'd like to get onto it asap. I did previously lose a pair of wild caught gobies in that tank that had red gills. Ammonia, nitrite and nitrate all at zero. Other tankmates are L. meleagris and 2 bristles. If metro is the go what dosage rate should I use? Thanks in advance Trav
  14. could be the water out of your tap. I consistently have 0.25ppm of ammonia on my test kit, been there since day one. tank looks like it has cycled. you may be doing more damage by doing constant water changes. If you use Prime water conditioner it detoxifies ammonia and nitrite anyway from memory. I'd let it settle for a few days and see what happens. If you're worried about your nitrates add some macropore (speak to AOA or Tech Den). Try not to over think or over test it. You can kill them with love you know... The fish you have are quite hardy so they will put up with a bit too. Trav
  15. Another option would be some Trophs, some petrochromis and couple of gobies. Petros and trophs won't cross and have the same requirements.
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