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  1. I'll give them a call as well shon. Thankyou for that.
  2. Sounds good! I'll give them a ring or email them. Thanks guys
  3. Hey Guys. I'm looking at buying a brand new 6x2x2 with a weir in the middle of the tank and drilled in the bottom. I'v been doing a bit of research on different companies and stores that make custom tank but havn't really come accross anything that stands out, so I'v decided to ask everyone elses oppinions! If you have had a tank made by a LFS or someone else that made a GREAT quality tank and fairly well priced, leave me a message telling me their store name please Cheers, Matt
  4. Hey guys. I'm in the progress of upgrading my display tank from a 4ft tank to a 6ft tank. I currently have Electric Yellows, Rustys and Yellow Tail Aceis in my 4ft tank, which are very peaceful fish and live together without fighting. I'm going to add more fish to the community as soon as I have upgraded the tank but I'm not really to sure what fish would go well, bearing in mind that I want a fairly peaceful community tank. I was thinking maybe some peacocks, clown loaches, possibly even a Frontosa or two. Basically, I'm looking to keep the peaceful tank whilst adding new colours into the community, so what fish would you add? Cheers, Matt
  5. I have a 4ft tank, 220Lt aprox. About 200Lt due rocks. Yeah, sump filters from my research are awesome. For my tank what size sump would I need? a 2ft sump? On this website I was looking at the WD-125CS wet dry filter. What does everyone else think? http://www.fosterandsmithaquatics.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=3578+3579+3587+18367&pcatid=18367 Cheers, Matt
  6. Just read the whole post. AMAZING! Great work mate. Looks fantastic!
  7. Hey guys. Am looking at getting a sump filter for my cichlid display tank but I wanted to know the difference between a sump filter and a wet dry filter? So basically which one is better and is there a better choice of filter option I could go with? Cheers, Matt
  8. Hey guys. Not changing forums dont worry, this one is the best, but I am looking for another couple of sites to buy fish from. If anyone else uses a site other than QLDAF please tell me Cheers, Matt
  9. Thanks for the advice guys Ill probably jump onto the MASA/Rtaw forum and have a look around and do some research there. Cheers, Matt
  10. Yeah I would defiantly just begin with live rock and fish for the start. I would stick with live rock for probably 3-6months or until I feel %100 confident then moving onto corals. How much would a live rock set up and basic fish cost? $1000 including tank?
  11. WOW! Would would a good starter on marine tanks? like live stock wise so I can get the hang of it.
  12. Um, to be honest I have not got a species list but I would want it to be reef tank with different corals and enemies. If that helps. I need to do more research about it but I though before I did the research about it I should consider pricing.
  13. Hey guys. Was going to save up some money and start up my first marine tank. I know this costs quite a lot but I wanted to ask everyone else how much a good set up with good not cheap equipment would cost. The tank would be a 6x2.5x2.5 with a 4x1.5x1.5sump(atleast). As for everything else I dont really know prices so if you could all fill me in that would be good. Cheers, Matt
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