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  1. hey mate any available still, let us no a price and that will be good. cheers
  2. Personally i love certain hybrids , obviously not for breeding purposes but you can find some beautiful crossbreeds out there. Would love to hear some other peoples thoughts , what about you blade ?
  3. You could either pull out the pot with the eggs in it and whack it in another tank just make sure theres heaps of filtration and air on it , or leave them till they hatch then move them which i reckon is better as the mother will look after them , just make sure if your moving them into another tank use the same water , so its got the same parameters and you should be rocking it . My green terrors laid eggs a few months back there was heaps like 200-300 still got 100 of them at about 1-2cm big growing crazy fast. The egg colour is exactly what its supposed to be the white ones are dead probably from being unfertilised the mother will pick them off. hope that helps, dont have very much experience but what info i can offer should help you about abit.
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  5. if you can get our hands on some cherry shrimp they help a hell of alot , prices for the food are roughly $9-$10
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  7. Hey mate same thing happened to me 2 weeks ago i didnt leave them in the tank pulled the eggs out like 3 days after they where laid and put them in a tank on there own and they hatched just fine have about 150 approx after loosing a few eggs i highly recommend Cera Micron , Cera vipan baby and the next one up work extremely well and it was terror86 who got me onto them hope all goes well mate Fozzy
  8. mine are about 3-4 cm and mine have only just paired up in the last few days
  9. personally i would say red devil , but then again there might be someone out there more knowledgeable that would be able to prove me wrong in an instant
  10. wow that's pretty awesome , pity about the big price tag
  11. really i would have thought cherry shrimp would have eaten the eggs ?
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