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  1. im ganna say this forum atm is all about guppies and shrimp!
  2. some some photos of a few CRS reds and golds and some nice coloured endlers! sorry about some fotos being of poor quality, endlers move to fast haha
  3. just wondering what is the best matrix media for CRS ?? cheers, luke
  4. hey guys and girls, i was just wondering when the huge fish auctions in sydney are on? cant seem to find anything on the net about it. cheers, luke
  5. can anybody help me wen the next major fish auction on in syd. thinking of attending cheers, luke
  6. would be keen to know when tube worms come in they are fasinating to watch!
  7. hands down the sea horse tank is amazing can watch it for some time each visit.....sooo temptin to get rid of my corals for them!!!
  8. cheers guy for the info. ill try the schooner trick if not i guess ill have to dis-mantle the tank cause its like a random alarm clock going wenever it wants throughout the nite!!
  9. p.s not even sure it is one, just wat ive been told over and over
  10. not ganna lie any info would be more then helpful to figure out where he is hiding/how can i catch him.
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